See How A Custom Built App Can Help Manage
Your Self Storage Business!


We strive everyday to help bring maximum efficiency to self storage businesses around the world.

Pay Bill

Tenants can quickly and securely pay monthly rent directly from their mobile device. 3 taps and the transaction is complete.

Rent Units

Units are now available to rent around the clock. The rental process and its entirety can be completed through the mobile device.

Open Gate

Tenants can now use their phone as a garage door opener. Simply open the app, tap “Open Gate” and the gate will open right up

Report Issues

Allow customers to report any problems on site by snapping a picture and sending it straight to management.

The functionality of your app is dependent upon your choice of management software.

How It Works!

Our team of app developers will build a mobile app exclusively for your self storage business. Once built, the app will be available to your existing and potential tenants. If your tenant has a mobile device, they can handle all of their self storage needs from the palm of their hand. With a tap, tenants can pay their bill, rent units,  report issues, and even access the gate. All units, rates, and customer information stored in your management software is communicated in real time to the mobile app.


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