Adding And Removing Padlocks

Overlocking has never

been easier to manage

It’s important to note that you can manage the entire process of securing overdue tenant units exclusively through the Spiderdoor administrative and managerial application. Spiderdoor utilizes the paid-through date in conjunction with the designated number of days beyond that date to determine when a padlock should be placed on a tenant’s unit. There’s no necessity for frequent switching between various software programs and your property management software; everything can be effectively handled within the Spiderdoor platform.

  • Step 1: Tenant scans the QR code or NFC sticker on the padlock. Tenant can also scan placards placed around facility on exterior walls.
  • Step 2: Tenant types in serial number unless tenant scans sticker on padlock and it will automatically populate.
  • Step 3: Text and email is sent to tenant with unlock code.
Use any combination lock of your choice
  • Combination disc locks can be purchased as low as $6 online. You can simply add a serial number as an identifier.
  • If you have locks that are already serialized, easily add those in to the Spiderdoor admin for use
Text to Unlock using “Easy Release”
  • Tenants can simply tap the NFC sticker located on the padlock, and it will guide them through a straightforward procedure to acquire their padlock’s unlock code. Tenant will receive the unlock code via text message and email.
  • If NFC stickers are not used, Tenants can also type in the serial number of their padlock, using a website that is placed via placards around the facility, and it will provide the tenant with the unlock code via text and email once account is paid in full.
  • In the event of outstanding payments, an alternative option is to receive a link leading to their payment portal. Once paid in full, our system automatically sends the tenant the unlock code.
Integrated with your management software of choice
  • Sitelink
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Storedge
  • Uhaul (web self storage)
Automate access for your tenants without human supervision
  • Tenant can easily make a payment and receive their padlock code without any interaction with your management team.
Email and text notifications are sent directly to tenant with unlock code once paid in full
  • Email is sent to tenants when overlock is placed on unit as well as when paid in full.
  • Text is sent to tenants when overlock is placed on unit as well as when paid in full.
  • Automated voice mail goes to tenant when unit has been overlocked as well as when paid in full.
QR Code and NFC scanning
  • Scan lock using NFC or by using QR code scanning.
Access to mobile app
  • We provide a mobile app that will easily allow you to assign and unassign overlocks to a unit by simply following the steps and tapping, using NFC technology, to obtain the serial number electronically.
  • It will also provide the unlock code if needed.
Provide new renter with their unlock code for the overlock
  • Capability to deliver messages to tenants following the settlement of outstanding balances or when initiating new rental agreements.
Easy upload of current lock serial codes
  • Easily upload all of your current padlock information to Spiderdoor backend.
Enhanced integration capabilities with third-party applications.
  • Integrations with other product and hardware providers in the storage industry.

Understand How To Use The Managers App To Apply An Overlock To A Delinquent Tenants Unit. – Video #1

By utilizing the manager’s app, there’s no easier way for your team to manage and implement additional charges for a tenant who pays late than with the Spiderdoors Managers App! Nothing else compares in terms of simplicity!

Understand How To Use Spiderdoor’s Desktop Admin To Apply An Overlock To A Delinquent Tenants Unit. – Video #1A

Managers have the convenience of incorporating an overlock onto a unit through Spiderdoor’s desktop admin interface. They are not obligated to utilize the manager’s app for this purpose!

Scan Placard To Trigger “Easy Release” – Video #2

Why should a tenant contact your office or call center to obtain their unlock code when they can conveniently do so while at your location? Tenants can simply scan a QR code on a placard, and a text as well as an email with the unlock code is instantly sent to them. These placards can be placed around your facility. NOTE: The text message is sent only to the cell number on file in your management software using this flow. If a random person scans this QR code, they will not be able to obtain the unlock code.

Scan Padlock QR Code For “Easy Release” – Video #3

It couldn’t be simpler for a tardy tenant to pay and receive their unlock code! Tenants can effortlessly scan a QR code or tap the NFC sticker directly on the padlock. Instantly, they receive a text message and an email containing the unlock code. Note: The text message is exclusively sent to the cell number on file in your management software using this process. If an unauthorized individual scans the QR code, they won’t be able to access the unlock code.

Automatically Text/Email Tenant With Padlock Information – Video #4

This is all automated! Please take a moment to view this short video and learn how Spiderdoor notifies your tenants when an overlock is added to their unit. The process includes sending both pre-text and post-text messages: one is sent when the padlock is placed on the tenant’s unit, offering instructions on settling their account, while the other is dispatched once the tenant has paid their bill in full. Don’t miss out—watch the video to discover more!

Adding Locks To Your Spider Admin – Video #5

This video provides straightforward and precise instructions for integrating any overlock serial number into the Spiderdoor system. It showcases how you can add a lock manually by typing in the serial number or by tapping the NFC sticker.

Add A Padlock Serial Number To Your Fleet Using NFC – Video #7

Easily add any padlock to your Spiderdoor admin. Its simple to do. Watch this short video showing exactly how its done.

What Happens After A Rental Takes Place – Video #8

This illustrates the process when a lock is on an unoccupied unit, and a new customer rents that unit, detailing how the tenant would subsequently remove the lock.

How Do I Get All My Lock Information Into Spider? – Video #9

This demonstrates how effortlessly you can integrate all your lock data directly into Spiderdoors’ backend without any hassle.

How Do I Retrieve A Tenants Unlock Code When They Call In? – Video #10

This demonstrates how a manager can find a tenants unlock code easily!

Explains How To Order NFC Electronic Stickers/QR Codes – Video #11

This video demonstrates the process of ordering NFC Stickers and QR Code Stickers. It also outlines the Spider support requirements to initiate your order. If you don’t require specific serial numbers printed on your stickers and simply need unique ones for your padlocks, just let us know the quantity, and we’ll proceed with your order promptly!

Easily Add Spiders NFC/QR Stickers To Any Padlock – Video #12

Take the NFC/QR sticker provided by Spiderdoor to seamlessly integrate all automation processes. Utilize existing serial numbers on padlocks or opt for stickers from us for complete automation. Merely etched or written serial numbers on padlocks fall short of true automation and the complete benefits Spider provides. Simplify life and streamline processes by employing our electronic NFC stickers alongside QR codes. Our industry-leading service sets us apart from any competition.

Management Software Integrated with Spider Locks

  • Uhaul (Web Self Storage)
  • Sitelink
  • Storedge
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Syrasoft

Secure or Overlock a Tenant That Is Delinquent

  • Use any padlock on any unit you want to secure. This padlock must have a serial number. This serial number or some sort of identifying number that will allow Spiderdoor to identify the padlock and what unit it is associated with. When tapping the NFC sticker on the padlock, it will electronically read the serial number and the 4 digit padlock code electronically and assign the lock to a specific unit instantly.

Secure or Overlock Empty/Vacant Units

  • Place a padlock on a vacant unit to detour other customers from placing trash inside a unit.
  • Place a padlock on vacant units to keep trespassers from sleeping in units.
  • Place a padlock on a vacant unit that is ready to rent. Once rented, the tenant will receive the code to remove the padlock.

Use Spiderdoors Manager App To Assign Padlock To Unit

  • Use the Spiderdoor managers app to easily associate a specific lock serial number to a specific unit number. Your team can also use our app as their walk through report. (Watch video #1 above to see this in action.) Our NFC stickers make it simple to pull the serial number and padlock code electronically from the padlock.

Tenant Notified When Overlock Is Applied. Pre-text Is Sent.

  • PRE TEXT: The tenant will get a pro active text message the minute an overlock is added to a unit. This allows the tenant to have instructions on what needs to be done to allow access back in their unit. Quick pay link will be added to the text message which allows tenants to simply click the link and pay immediately. No need to log in as the specific link sent to your tenant is associated with their unit and their amount due. This magic link works with select management software thus processing the tenants payment right through your management software. Please confirm with a Spider team member to confirm that your software will work appropriately..

Tenant Notified Via Text Once Payment Is Made

  • POST TEXT: The tenant will get a text message from the Spiderdoor admin, when their unit balance has been paid in full. This will provide that tenant with the unlock code needed to remove the lock from their overlocked unit.

Tenant Drops The Padlock In Dropbin

  • Once tenant has removed lock from their unit, they will drop the padlock in a dropbox that you provide at your location. (You can assess a fee to tenant if padlock is not returned to dropbox by tenant.) Any dropbox will work. You are just creating a place where tenants can easily drop their padlock in once the lock has been removed from their unit door. Add a fee to all leases if a padlock is not returned. For example $50 fee for locks not returned. The Spider software will help you keep up with who to charge for missing locks.
Dropbox options – Order online

Purchase Padlocks From Anyone Anywhere

Purchase padlock easily from Amazon or the place of your choosing. The padlock simply needs a serial number or an identifier to be able to work with the Spiderdoor system. Our NFC stickers make it simple to pull the serial number and padlock code electronically from the padlock. Keep in mind, you can use any padlock as long as it has a serial number or identifier on the padlock.

Easily Change The Padlock Code

  • You can easily change the four digit code on disc locks. Once manually edited, you can update the padlock code that is associated with a specific pad lock/serial number, if desired. You simply open the padlock and flip the padlock over. Take a flat head screwdriver and turn the screw on the back
  • Open the padlock by plugging in the current padlock code.
  • Flip the padlock over and locate the flat head screw on the back. Turn that screw that screw counter clockwise.
  • Change the 4 digit code to whatever code is desired.
  • Then turn the flat head screw back clockwise and you are done.
  • Now the new code has been established on that lock
  • Be sure to update the padlock code in your Spider admin.
Buy red padlock now

Walk Through Report

  • You can easily print a pdf file of your walk through report straight from the Spider admin.
  • Manager can use this walk through report (Printable PDF) instead of the managers app if desired.
  • This report will highlight the units that need some sort of action.
  • This report will show tenant name, unit #, size unit, rental rate, balance, paid through date, gate lock status, padlock serial and code, current status and the action needed for each unit.

Description of Status Words For Padlocks!

  • Assigned Overlock – Lock is currently being used to lock a delinquent tenants unit. When lock was placed on unit, an SMS and email was sent to tenant notifying them.
  • Available – Lock is not currently being used and is available to assign as needed.
  • Assigned Vacant – A lock has been placed on a vacant unit lock and is ready to be rented. Once rented, the new tenant will receive an SMS as well as an email with the unlock code.
  • Tenant Using Overlock – Tenant is paying to use an overlock that belongs to You. Added income for your location!
  • Lost & Found – Imagine this being a digital bucket where all lost locks remain until a manager destroys them. Once destroyed, the lock will no longer be assigned to that location.
  • Damaged – Lock is damaged.
  • Missing – Lock cannot be found on unit nor in the drop box.
  • Auction – Assign because the unit is in auction.

Overview Of Spider lock Flow

Your manager simply does their walk through using the managers app. Spiderdoor has integrated your management software so the steps are easy to follow.

Open the managers app and select the “Padlocks” button. Orange buttons tell you if an action needs to be performed. If so, manager follows the rules for each. If a button is grey, then no action needs to be performed.

Return Bin (Step 1) – This is your managers first task to do. Managers checks the return bin for all returned locks. There, the manager will make the lock available or mark it as damaged.

Requires Overlock(s) (Step 2) – This is the managers 2nd task to perform. If the “Requires Overlock” button is orange, the manager will need to add an overlock to the specified unit. Once the lock has been added, the manager confirms that in the managers app and the button will then be grey, which signifies that the task has been completed. An SMS as well as an email will be sent to the tenant notifying he or she that their unit has been overlocked and they must make a payment prior to gaining access.

Remove Overlock(s) (Step 3) – This page shows all padlocks that need to be removed at this moment. This means that the customer had been overlocked for being delinquent but has now paid. Manager now needs to remove the lock. (Remember that the tenant will receive a text message providing them with the four-digit code, when they paid their unit current.)

Once manager has physically removed the pad lock, the manager simply confirms this has been completed in the managers app. The app will then tell the manager the next steps that need to be handled.

Charge Overlock(s) (Step 4) – This page shows the tenants that you should charge due to their lock not being returned. This task is easiest when sitting behind a desktop computer so you can actually run a charge in the management software. You will want to add wording in your lease agreement stating that if an overlock is ever placed on a unit and is not returned after paying balance in full, there will be a charge of “x.”

Assigned Vacant – Some owners like to overlock their vacant units to keep people from living in that vacant unit as well as some people use the empty units as a dumpster for their trash. Placing a spider overlock on the unit solves that. Using our tenant app, the tenant can now rent a unit as well as get their padlock code all using our tenant app. Automating the entire process.

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