Adding And Removing Spider Pad Locks

Overlocking has never

been easier to manage

Step 1 – Secure or Overlock a tenant that is delinquent

  • Use any padlock on any unit you want to secure. This padlock must have a serial number. This serial number will allow Spiderdoor to identify the padlock and what unit it is associated with.

Step 2 – Use Spiderdoors manager app to assign padlock to unit

  • Use the Spiderdoor managers app to easily associate a specific lock serial number to a specific unit number. Your team can use or app as their walk through report.

Step 3 – Tenant notified once payment is made

  • The tenant will be able to view their combo code to remove the padlock via text message as well as the tenant will be able to view that combo code lock in the tenant app.

Step 4 – Easily change the padlock code

  • You can easily change the four digit code on disc locks. Once manually edited, you can update the padlock code that is associated with a specific pad lock/serial number, if desired. You simply open the padlock and flip the padlock over. Take a flat head screwdriver and turn the screw on the back
  • Open the padlock by plugging in the current padlock code.
  • Flip the padlock over and locate the flat head screw on the back. Turn that screw that screw counter clockwise.
  • Change the 4 digit code to whatever code is desired.
  • Then turn the flat head screw back clockwise and you are done.
  • Now the new code has been established on that lock
  • Be sure to update the padlock code in your Spider admin.

Step 5 – Tenant will drop the padlock in dropbox

  • Once tenant has removed lock from their unit, they will drop the padlock in a dropbox that you provide at your location. (You can assess a fee to tenant if padlock is not returned to dropbox by tenant.) Any dropbox will work. You are just creating a place where tenants can easily drop their padlock in once the lock has been removed from their unit door. Add a fee to all leases if a padlock is not returned. For example $50 fee for locks not returned. The Spider software will help you keep up with who to charge for missing locks.
Dropbox options – Order online

Overview Of Spider Locks – Your manager simply does their walk through using the managers app. Spiderdoor has integrated your management software so the steps are easy to follow.

Open the managers app and select the “Padlocks” button. Orange tells you if an action needs to be performed. If so, manager follows the rules for each. If green is shown, then no action needs to be performed.

Remove Padlock – This page shows all padlocks that need to be removed at this moment. This means that the customer had been overlocked for being delinquent but has now paid. Manager now needs to remove the lock. (Remember that the tenant will receive a text message and email providing them with the four-digit code, when they paid their unit current.

Once manager has physically removed the pad lock, the manager simply confirms this has been completed in the managers app. The app will then tell the manager the next step, which would be to go to your management software (sitelink, storEDGE, etc) and confirm that the lock has been removed.

The manager will continue to do actions with the orange color. Once the entire screen is green in the managers app, your overlocking tasks should be up to date.

Add Padlock – If the “Add Padlock To A Unit” button is orange, the manager will need to add an overlock to this specified unit. Once the lock has been added, the manager confirms that in the managers app and the button will then turn green.

Update Management Software – If the Update Software” button is orange, then the manager will need to go to your perspective management software (Sitelink, Storedge, etc) and update the unit(s) the app points out. Again, these will be orange in color to make it simple to understand.

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