S55a Individual Unit Alarms
Installers Guide

WATCH VIDEOS BELOW FIRST and then proceed to step 1 through step 5 at the bottom

Failing to watch all videos below will make it more difficult for you when installing. Be sure to watch each prior to doing any installation

ATTENTION:   All Managers are required to watch this video before proceeding

Watch Before Proceeding!!!

A. How To Connect The Alarm Gateway
Click play video to see exactly how the gateway is connected to your locations internet.

B. How To Connect An Individual Alarm To A Specific Unit
Shows owners/manager how to successfully connect alarms to specific units.

C. Status Color For Individual Alarm
This photo will show you the status colors when an alarm is Armed, Disarmed and Dis-Connected.

D. Shows How To Replace Battery For Alarms
This video will show you how easy it is to replace a battery inside an individual alarm.

E. Download Install Guide For Alarms
Click to download a PDF copy of the alarm installations directions.

F. Download Install Guide For Gateway Installation
Click to download a PDF copy of the Gateway installation directions.

G. Other Helpful Alarm Information Link
Click here to be taken to another page where there is frequently asked questions and more about the individual unit alarms. This page is extremely helpful so be sure to go through it thoroughly as it will answer many questions you may have.

S55a Individual Unit Alarms
Installers Guide

STEP 1. Install The Gateway
You will first need to make sure you gateway has been installed at your location and has a good connection to the internet.

STEP 2. Make Sure The Alarm Has A Connection To The Gateway
Make certain the light on the alarm itself is RED. (This means the alarm has connection to the gateway. ) If you see a green light blinking on the alarm itself, then you are too far away from either the gateway or another alarm. Move closer to gateway or another alarm. Remember, alarms and gateways use each other to connect. (Watch video here) Click photo below to enlarge.

You will want to make a list of where each alarm is installed as you will need this when you start connecting alarms using the Spiderdoor admin. I would suggest installing alarms in each unit and making the list as you go. This way, you can confirm the alarms are connected to internet (red light blinking) prior to attaching to the ceiling.

For example, you will note that alarm with serial number 13781 was installed in unit 108A. The alarm serial number is on the outside case of every alarm. Repeat this for all alarms.

STEP 3. Login To Your Spiderdoor Admin & Assign Alarms To Units
You were provided with a user name and password to login to the Spiderdoor admin. Go ahead and log in and start assigning alarms to specific units. Watch this video to understand exactly how its done. It is simple to do.

STEP 4. Setting Up Managers Email And Cell Number
Any time an alarm is triggered, the manager will get an email to specified email address and they can also get a text message if desired. This video shows how to set that up using the Spiderdoor admin. Remember, only someone with the Spiderdoor owner role can edit these numbers.

STEP 5. Making Sure You Receive Text Notifications 
In todays world, we get spam email as well as spam texting, which is irritating. Our texting provider, Twilio, does its best to block out spam texting per the law. They work in conjunction with cellular providers to make sure you aren't getting overwhelmed with spam text. With that said, the first time you receive a text message from Spiderdoor, you can confirm that you want to never be blocked from Spiderdoor sending you a text notification. To do this, you simply respond to the text with the word START.

Again, just respond to the text with the word    START

This just lets Twilio know that you do want to always receive a text message from Spiderdoors Twilio account. If you do not respond with the word START, you may eventually stop receiving the text notification.

STEP 6. Tapping Individual Alarms To Change Type
Never do this unless support tells you to do so.
Watch short video

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