Debt Collector Wording

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When setting up your debt collections, you have options in regards to what wording is used. Below are some examples for each.

  • You provide us up to four days of the month for each to be sent out.
  • Up to four days delinquent can be set for each notification. This totals a maximum of 12 notifications sent out for each method monthly. (Email, Robo Call and Text Message)
  • We use keywords to populate tenant Name, Unit number, location name, office phone number, etc.

Text Message wording below (Example)

Example Option 1

Hi %first_name%, courtesy reminder from %location% . To pay your current balance for unit# %unit_name%, click here – %textcollector_link%

This is how it would read for tenant: Hi Mike Cash, courtesy reminder from Safeguard Storage . To pay your current balance for unit# 138, click here – %textcollector_link%

Example Option 2

Hello %first_name%, this is an automated reminder from %location%. Click to pay for unit# %unit_name% at %textcollector_link% . If you’ve already made arrangements, please disregard.

Email wording below (Example)

Example Option 1

Hi %first_name% %last_name%.

This is a courtesy reminder from %location%. You have a current balance for unit# %unit_name%. To prevent late fees and possible access issues, use the link below to make your payment. For any questions, please contact our office at %location_phone%.

Have a pleasant day!

Example Option 2

Dear %first_name% %last_name%, We wish to kindly bring to your attention that your payment for unit #%unit_name% is currently 2 days past due. In our commitment to providing uninterrupted service and maintaining your account in good standing, we kindly request your immediate attention to this matter. To conveniently settle your outstanding balance, please utilize the following secure “PAY NOW” button below. If you have already made payment arrangements, please disregard this automated message. Our dedicated team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account or payment. You may contact us at your convenience at %location_phone%. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for choosing %location%. Best regards, Metro Self-Storage Client Services.

Robo Call Wording below (Example)

Example Option 1

Hello %first_name% %last_name%, this is a courtesy reminder from %location%. You have a current balance for unit numbers %unit_name%. To pay now, press 1 for our automated system. This call is to help you prevent late fees and potential access issues to your unit. For all inquiries, please call our office at %location_phone%. Thank you!

Example Option 2

Hello, %first_name% %last_name%, this is a friendly reminder from %location%. We wanted to let you know that there is currently an outstanding balance associated with unit number(s) %unit_name%. If you’d like to make a payment right now, please press 1 to access our convenient automated phone payment system. If you have already made arangments for payment with our office please disregard this message. Please be aware that your payment is due, and non-payment may result in access restrictions to your unit. We highly recommend taking care of this to avoid any inconvenience. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at %location_phone%. Thank you for choosing us!

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