Frequently Asked Questions

SpiderDoor pulls your entire business
into one place and allows the customer to easily take care of their business.

Will SpiderDoor generate new customers?

Yes. Having an app will give your business the ability to target tenants who visit your site when the office is closed. In addition, the app will appeal to viewers of your website. Convenience is winning in today’s environment.

Will SpiderDoor work with my software?

Integration with Sitelink, Quikstor, Storage Commander, and Doorswap is complete. Our team is working to partner and integrate with the remaining software in the industry. Please contact us to check on the status of integrations.

How does the gate work?

The gate feature will work regardless of your gate software. A module is mounted on your gate motor and communicates via cellular service. If your tenant is delinquent, the open gate feature will be disabled and it will prompt them to pay their bill.

I already have payments set up through my website, why SpiderDoor?

It was our mission from the beginning to make the functionality as easy as can be for the end-user.

How are late fees addressed?

Your app will reflect the late fees that are setup in your management software.

I own multiple locations and want SpiderDoor for all of them, how is the setup fee applied?

A one-time fee is charged for each brand name. If you have 12 facilities under the name “ABC Storage”, the $999 will be charged once. If you have different names for each, the $999 will apply to each different entity.

If I have multiple locations, how will the customer know which location to rent from?

The location name will be located on the home screen of your app. GPS has been implemented to automatically select the closest location to the tenant. Additionally, the tenant can easily toggle between sites via home screen. Once the customer has your personalized app, they will be able to see all available locations, including the one they want to rent from.

How quickly can my SpiderDoor app be up and running?

Development and the submission process to Apple and GooglePlay typically takes an estimated 24-31 days.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with my App?

Although we have gone to extreme measures to ensure reliability, accidents and glitches happen. One call to SpiderDoor headquarters and our excellent customer service team will address your problem right away.