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Gate Access Control ( Keypads)

Access Control #1

Explanation Of Spiderdoor Dashboard
Explains how to use the desktop dashboard log in. Learn how to view the activity log, how to open your gates manually from the dashboard and so much more.
Please do not call Spider support until video #1 has been watched in full.

Access Control #2


Owners Or District Managers Are Responsible For Creating Manager Login Credentials

It is the manager or owners responsibility to create login credentials & roles for each manager otherwise the managers will not be able to login to view anything. Also, managers will not be able to access their new keypads on the day on installation, if credentials have not been created for managers. SpiderDoor employees can only provide credentials for one owner or executive.

Receive Credentials To Login To Dashboard
This is the first video you should watch. This explains how you will get access to the SpiderDoor Dashboard. Here you will be able to access many features of your gate access control system as well you tenant app, if your location has purchased the tenant app. Once you receive your credentials, simply click on the LOGIN button above to access your dashboard. You can also find the login button on the Spiderdoor website. www.Spiderdoor.com 

Access Control #3

Owner Creating Access For Individual Managers
The button labeled "Login" at the top of this page, will take you to the SpiderDoor DASHBOARD LOGIN screen. Type in your Spiderdoor user name and password. It will then show an owner how to setup and create manager credentials for each employee or managers at individual locations. (There are two roles. One is Owners Role and the other is a Managers Role. Owner supersedes manager role.)

Access Control #4

What Exactly Does The Managers App Do?
It does plenty! For starters, you as the manager can open your gates from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wi-fi or a cell signal on your mobile phone. You can add master codes easily, you can check gate activity and on some of our keypad models, you can view pictures of tenants who accessed your gate. You can learn more by clicking the ACCESS CONTROL/DASHBOARD button at the top of this page. The Play Video here showcases the App. 

Access Control #5

How To Add Master Codes
Learn how to add and delete master codes to your keypads easily inside the dashboard.

Access Control #6

Manually Synchronize Tenant Information
This button can be pushed up to 10 times in a 24 hour period. You shouldn't have to use this button unless you have changed a tenants code or time zones and you need to update it fairly quick. Again, the speed in which codes are updated are not controlled by Spiderdoor but are dependent on your management software. Some are faster than others! New tenants as well as tenant payments update within a few minutes automatically. If you feel like something isn't working just right, you can always click the "SYNC LOCATION CODES" button just to confirm all is synced properly. 

NOTE:  Some management software only syncs every 8-12 minutes. You can click "SYNC LOCATION CODES" on the Spider admin but it is still controlled by the specific software company that you use for your location. Some management software syncs in real time, others take a few minutes to sync codes to pads.
(See "SYNC LOCATION CODES" button in photo below. Click photo to expand the photo for better viewing)

Access Control #7

Delete A Managers Credentials
Shows how to delete a managers credentials.

Access Control #8

Sitelink Users: Lock Out Tenants Anytime Manually
Sitelink Users: You can select a setting in Sitelink, for a specific tenant, that will allow you to "Always Lock Out at Gate" or "Never Lock Out at Gate." This will override all scenarios regardless if the tenant is paid current or delinquent. 

Access Control #9

How To Re-Power The S22i - Internet Keypad
This short video shows you exactly how to re-power the S22i internet access control keypad. This is only done if we need to troubleshoot a keypad.

Access Control #10

How To Re-Power The S22c - Cellular Keypad
This short video shows you exactly how to re-power the S22i internet access control keypad. This is only done if we need to troubleshoot a keypad.

Access Control #11

How To Update Your Monthly Payment Method
This video will show an owner how to update the credit card that is used to pay for monthly fees. You have the option of using a credit card or you can choose to use ACH debit.  This video shows how to update using a credit card and then the last part of the video shows how to update your payment method to ACH debit.

Access Control #12

Adjust Daylight Saving & Time Zones
This shows how to make sure you have your time zones and daylight savings time set properly for your location.

Access Control #13

Sitelink User: What Do I Need To Set Inside  Web Edition Software?
There's really not much that needs to be done inside Sitelinks web edition. You can watch the video to see what options you do have.

Access Control #14

Tenant Access Hours Seem To Be Delayed.
We have a time cushion built in on your business time zones. Please watch video to understand.

Access Control #15

Sitelink Users- Lock Out Option In Sitelink Web Edition
You can also choose to NEVER LOCK OUT a tenant or ALWAYS LOCK OUT a tenant, inside sitelink web edition. Just simply flip the switch based on your preference for an individual tenant.