How To Connect Storage Commander Software To Spiderdoor

Follow Steps carefully
Connecting Storage Commander software is very simple. You, the customer, will compose an email to Storage Commanders support team or your salesperson at Storage Commander. Be sure to cc Spiderdoor support in on this email as well. Use The email will have the following statement in the body of the email. Once Spiderdoor receives the requested information back, we will be able to connect your database.

  1. Email to be composed to Storage Commander by You, the customer: Please provide API information to Spiderdoor as I am using their gate access software at my location. (You, the customer, will provide the name of your storage location in this email so Storage Commander will know your account information. )

Once the above information has been emailed to Storage Commander, we will wait for their response which will provide Spiderdoor with the API information needed to connect your database to Spiderdoor. You will need toto confirm that the Spiderdoor support team gets this information back from Storage Commander.

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