How To Connect Storedge To Your Spiderdoor Account

Follow Steps carefully
Connecting Storedge and Spiderdoor is easy. Please click to watch the video. Be sure to follow the directions in the video.

ATTENTION: Be sure to go back and watch this video once more starting at 1:25 minutes into the video. You must setup your time zones per tenant if you would like tenants to be set to something other than 24 hour access.

We Need The Name Of Your Company Entity

If you have multiple locations falling under an umbrella company, we will need to know the name of that umbrella company so we can locate the correct location. This will allow us to tie to in the proper location. For Example your company name may be Storage LLC but the location that falls under that name may be Handy Storage. We will need to know the Umbrella company name in order to locate properly.

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