How To Connect Syrasoft To Spiderdoor

Follow Steps carefully
This is how we connect your App/Gate Access with your Syrasoft database. Login in to your Syrasoft management software and follow steps. Click the video here to watch exactly how easy it is to complete the connection.

  1. Open Syrasoft management software
  2. Plug in the API code into your Syrasoft management software. To clarify, this key is provided to you by a Spiderdoor Team memeber. (Example API key – 2930vjnvkh3409er349 )
  3. Let Spiderdoor know once you have tied everything in and we will connect your keypads to your location.
  4. Email us confirming you have tied your database in and we will connect your pads. Once completed, we will reach out to you to confirm.
  5. Email us at

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