Insurance Integration (Sitelink)

Keep in mind that we have hundreds of locations and every single location has their Sitelink E-sign lease setup differently. With that being said, you will need to add this paragraph below to your e-sign agreement. (Note-You will need to edit wording to fit your lease agreement but this is an overall of what it may look like. Using this flow during app rentals solves all issues and it simply tells the customer that they are signing up for the insurance you provide. The tenant has no option if you elect to turn this Insurance feature on inside your app. You can add the wording in your lease that would give that new tenant the option to come by your office and provide their Insurance declaration page, if they have renters insurance currently. Otherwise, if you have the insurance feature turned on in your app and if the tenant uses your app to rent, they must take your insurance. Again, Insurance is only required if you decide to activate this feature. You will need to let Spiderdoor know if you want the insurance feature ON or Off and if it is required or not.  NOTE- You will need to confirm this with your lawyers if you have questions. We are not attorneys nor do we claim to be.

“Occupant understands that if this rental is completed using this locations tenant app, Occupant agrees and fully understand that the (Tenant Insurance) which ever your location provides, will be added to this lease agreement, regardless of your insurance opt in selection in this agreement. Occupant does understand that he or she, can contact the management or go by the main office and provide Occupants insurance declaration page, showing proof that Occupant has insurance. Management can then remove the monthly insurance, starting the following month.”

NOTE: This can be worded many different ways and it is difficult to say one paragraph fits all. This depends on the wording in your lease agreement. It also depends on what radio buttons you show, etc.

  • 1. We do not provide the capability for your tenant to provide their declaration page when renting from your app.
  • 2. If you chose to turn insurance on at your location, you will need to update your e-sign agreement inside sitelink.
  • ​3. We can change the wording at the top of the insurance screen to whatever wording you would like the renter to see. 
  • ​4. If you have parking slots that do not provide insurance coverage, you will need to adjust those settings inside sitelink. See Video

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