Manually Synchronize Tenant Information

This button can be pushed up to 10 times in a 24 hour period. You shouldn’t have to use this button unless you have changed a tenants code or time zones and you need to update it fairly quick. Again, the speed in which codes are updated are not controlled by Spiderdoor but are dependent on your management software. Some are faster than others! New tenants as well as tenant payments update within a few minutes automatically. If you feel like something isn’t working just right, you can always click the “SYNC LOCATION CODES” button just to confirm all is synced properly.

NOTE: Some management software only syncs every 8-12 minutes. You can click “Sync Location Codes” in the Spider admin but it is still controlled by the specific software company that use use at your location. Some management software syncs in real time, others takes a few minutes to sync codes to keypads.

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