How To Connect Sitelink To Your Spiderdoor Account

This video will show you how to tie your sitelink account into your Spiderdoor account. We will need a couple of items once you have completed the connection. You must use corporate control to create this connection. You cannot do this from sitelink web edition. Note: Some users think that all permitted rights boxes do not need to be checked but they do. If you do not select every single one, the connection will fail and we will not be able to proceed without all of them being checked.

  1. We will need your corporate code for your company. (example: BH31)
  2. We will need the new user name that you created when setting up the connection. It must match identically to what you plugged in.
  3. We will need the new password that you created. It must match identically to what you plugged in.
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