Tenant Says Their App Isn’t Working

When a tenant has an issue, this is usually their statement to you! “I tried to use your app to make a payment but it wouldn’t work!” So to save you time, this is usually caused by one of two things. (1) The tenant is late and decides to pay with your app. They successfully pay and then they call the manager complaining that they tried to pay a few days earlier, on time, but the app didn’t allow them to pay.  Here’s what you can do! A manager can look in the Spiderdoor Dashboard under failed payments. It will show you exactly why a transaction didn’t go through. You can also look in the Sitelink Bulletin board and there are notes there as well. Again, it will tell you exactly why the tenant was declined. 

The tenant truly was unable to use the app and this is because they haven’t updated the app recently. Your app is just like all other apps. We are continually upgrading your app and adding new features and keeping your app up to date with advancing technology. Simply tell the tenant to update their app from the app store. Some people never update the apps on their phones and that can cause the app to malfunction. (Some older model phones may require the tenant to delete the app completely from their phone and then download the new updated version of the app. (one video shows how to delete app from android phone. The other video shows how to delete app from iPhone.)

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