Text Collector FAQs NR

  • Does Text Collector work automatically, or does my manager have to do something to activate it?

    It doesn’t require your manager to do anything once the dates are provided to SpiderDoor. You simply provide SpiderDoor with the 3 dates you would like for the message to be sent to delinquent tenants and we do the magic from there!

  • Does management software show where a delinquent text message has been sent out to a tenant?

    Yes, you can look at your Sitelink bulletin board and it will show when and to whom it was sent. It will also appear in the tenant notes.

  • What dates are the text messages sent out?

    That is your decision. If your tenant is due on the 1st and delinquent after the 5th, then maybe you send the first text out on the 7th. Then the second one out on the 15th. Then the third one out on the 24th. Its your decision.

  • Does a customer have the option to opt out of a text being sent to them?

    Yes. Legally, you must give a customer the option not to receive a message from you via text message. This same principal goes along with emails being sent. Legally, tenants can opt out of emails being sent if they desire.

  • Is there an additional monthly fee for text collector?

    Yes. This is an additional feature that SpiderDoor provides. The additional cost is $25 per location monthly. If you have a smaller facility, we can negotiate that price down a bit.

  • If I’m using Sitelink, what shows in my bulletin board?

    NOTE: This is not 100% accurate as we depend on Twilio for the responses. It is not possible to get confirmations on all text sent.  Just like when you use your own mobile device, you can’t always confirm a text has been received by the person you are sending the text to.

    • Spider Text (TC) DELIVERED: This confirms that your tenant successfully received a text message
    • Spider Text (TC) NOT CONFIRMED: This means that we can not for sure determine if the tenant received the text message or not. Their cellular provider does not allow us to confirm. Nothing will show up in your Sitelink bulletin board until Twilio responds with a response. (NOTE: A “NOT-CONFIRMED” response can take up to 24 hours to update the Sitelink bulletin board.)
    • ​Spider Text (TC) OPTED OUT: This states that a customer chose not to receive your text messages by responding to your first text with the word STOP. (You can not legally force customers to receive text messages. You have to give them the option to OPT OUT)
    • Spider Text (TC) UNDELIVERED: This confirms that the tenant did not receive the text message that was sent. This can be due to the tenants number no longer being in service, it could be a landline and not a cell number that accepts text messages or it could be that the tenant has a paid service that blocks all incoming text/calls that aren’t contacts in their mobile device.

  • Can you send out mass text blasts?

    Yes, we can send out a mass text for your location. The text message must be under 160 characters, including the sentence “Reply STOP to stop.” Otherwise, you will be charged for two text message segments. Legally, the “Reply STOP to stop” sentence is required and will show up in any and every text that goes out from SpiderDoor.  Each mass text is $20 per location for each mass text sent, if requested by owner.

  • What do the text messages sent to tenants look like?

    See examples below:

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