What Is The Difference Between The Personalized Tenant App vs. the Non Personalized App?


Non Personalized

In short, there is no difference other than the “Non Personalized App” requires your tenants to enter your company’s code after they download the “Self Storage App” from the app stores. The personalized App has your logo and branding in the app stores. In the photo below, the phone on the right is a personalized app. Once a tenant downloads the app, they will immediately see this screen with your logo. The Non Personalized App starts off with the screen on the left and once your company code is plugged in, it will look and function just like the Personalized App does. Feel free to click on the photo below and it will expand to a larger view. Also, you can click either the Personalized on Non Personalized App buttons below to view examples of each. When you click buttons, it will bring up a screen for you to type in your cellular number and the link to the apps will be sent to your phone. You can then easily download.  Personalized

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