First Steps

Order/Purchase Transfer - Owners First Steps

Information required for initial setup

Step 1: Attention owners and managers – You are required to watch this video to the right in order to proceed. This is extremely important as it will give you an understanding of our dashboard, which is what allows you to access Spiderdoor hardware. You will be asked if you viewed this video when you speak with Spider support to install and if you have not viewed this video, the support member will ask you to call back after viewing this video. This makes everything much easier for you as a new user. (No exceptions)


If you have purchased Spiderdoor hardware and are using us for the first time, you will click “Get Started” and complete section “B” only.

If you are buying a location that uses Spiderdoor currently, click the “Get started” button below and complete section “D” first. Then you will need to complete section “B.” Both sections must be completed to proceed with connecting your management software database with Spiderdoor. If those two are not completed, your initial setup will not be finalized.

Get started

Provide To Installer: You can provide this installation link to your installer. It will give the information needed to successfully install your new access control pads.

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