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Extremely Easy To Install

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ATTENTION: You must use the power adapter that comes with the cellular keypad. Do not try to power the pad using the gate motor or the board inside the gate motor. If you do not use adapter provided, you will immediately void your warranty. This is a requirement! Not using the adapter we provide can easily burn up the board inside the keypad itself.

REQUIRED – You must notify SpiderDoor 24 hours in advance of installation. If you do not notify in advance, you will not be able to have your pad functional the same day of installation. New owner must have the connection between Spiderdoor and their management software prior to installing. Click the “Request Install” button if you haven’t already done so and complete information.

Spider support hours: 8am – 5pm M-F

Email (205) 821-6000


Connects via Cellular Connection

It's super easy to install. Only needs access to a 110 power supply and one relay wire from keypad to gate motor

SpiderDoor doesn't just secure your storage facility.

We make your life easier.