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Alarms/Gateway For Individual Units (Wireless)

Alarms #1

Scan QR Code To Access This Link On Your Mobile Device
Use the camera on your mobile device to scan this code. This will allow you to view this exact page on your mobile deice if needed.

Alarms #2

Scan QR Code To Access PDF file of Install Directions for Individual Alarm
Use the camera on your mobile device to scan this code. This will allow you to view a PDF file showing install information regarding individual alarms.

Alarms #3

Scan QR Code To Access PDF file of Install Directions for Gateway
Use the camera on your mobile device to scan this code. This will allow you to view a PDF file showing installation directions for gateway.

Alarms #4

Full Overview Of Wireless Individual Unit Alarms
Click play video to see exactly how the wireless alarms work.


Alarms #5

How To Connect The Alarm Gateway
Click play video to see exactly how the gateway is connected to your locations internet.

Alarms #6

Status Color For Individual Alarms
This photo will show you the status colors when an alarm is Armed, Disarmed and Dis-Connected.

Alarms #7

Shows Which Side Of Battery Is The Positive Side
This photo shows which side is the positive side of the battery

Alarms #8

Bridging With Alarms
This video will show you how to make sure your alarms are talking with each other if you do not have alarms currently in every tenants unit.

Alarms #9

How To Connect An Individual Alarm To A Specific Unit
Shows owners/manager how to successfully connect alarms to specific units.

Alarms #10

How To Physically Install The Alarm Inside The Unit
This video shows exactly how to install an alarm to the ceiling or wall of a storage unit.

Alarms #11

What Happens If Our Internet Goes Down At Location
The alarm gateway has to have a connection to the internet otherwise there is no way for tenant information to update etc. So if your internet is down for longer than five minutes, our backend will then de-activate all individual unit alarms until the internet comes back online and then all individual unit alarms will be Re-armed. Owner/Manager will get an email/text message if gateway loses internet connection as well.

Alarms #12

How Does The Individual Alarm Unit Re-Arm
If a tenant has entered their gate code in keypad, it will dis-arm the alarm. Then of course the tenant will go to the unit. The alarm will note when there has been no motion picked up after one hour and then the alarm will automatically re-arm itself to look for intruders.

Alarms #13

What Happens If I spread The Alarms Out Too Far To Connect To Network
If there is a green light on your alarm, this confirms that your alarm is too far from another alarm/gateway or the internet is down. If this occurs, the alarm will automatically dis-arm itself. Once connection is re-established, the alarm will re-arm once it has no motion detected for one hour. ( This covers the scenario if a tenant happens to be in their unit and the internet has been off for hours and then all of a sudden the internet is re-connected.)

Alarms #14

How Does The Alarms Work With The Managers App?
Watch this short video to see how you can view alarm activity as well as Re-Arm a tenants alarm. Unauthorized motion means someone has entered a specific unit without typing in their gate code in the keypad when entering.

Alarms #15

Text That Manager And Tenant Will Receive If Alarm Is Triggered Without Authorization
This is an example of what tenants and managers will receive if unit alarm is triggered without authorization.

Alarms #16

Text That Manager Will Receive If Internet Goes Down At Location
This is an example of what managers will receive if your alarms are not connected to the internet.

Alarms #17

Making Sure Each Alarm Is Connected To Your Gateway
This video will show you how to confirm that your individual units have a connection to the gateway, prior to installing. It also recommends the placement of alarms at your site as well. 

Alarms #18

Serial Number Is On Each Individual Alarm
All alarms have a serial number on the outside of the case. You will need to know this serial number in order to connect the alarm to a specific storage unit.

Alarms #19

Making Sure You Receive Text Notifications 
In todays world, we get spam email as well as spam texting, which is irritating. Our texting provider, Twilio, does its best to block out spam texting per the law. They work in conjunction with cellular providers to make sure you aren't getting overwhelmed with spam text. With that said, the first time you receive a text message from Spiderdoor, you can confirm that you want to never be blocked from Spiderdoor sending you a text notification. To do this, you simply respond to the text with the word START.
Again, just respond to the text with the word START
This just lets Twilio know that you do want to always receive a text message from Spiderdoors Twilio account. If you do not respond with the word START, you may eventually stop receiving the text notification.

You can also see an example photo her showing what the email notification will look like as well.

Alarms #20

Setting Up Managers Email And Cell Number 
Any time an alarm is triggered, the manager will get an email to specified email address and they can also get a text message if desired. This video shows how to set that up using the Spiderdoor admin. Remember, only someone with the Spiderdoor owner role can edit these numbers.

Alarms #21

Disarming Alarm Using Managers App 
When an alarm is triggered, a manager can also disarm the alarm using the manager app. Simply open the managers app and select ALARMS LOG. Then click the words RE-ARM ALARM.

Alarms #22

Spider Alarm Installer 
Click play video here to see how the installer works.

Click here  to receive the SPIDER ALARM APP via text message, to your iPhone! This installer will not work with android phones.

Alarm Placement Shown Below
Yellow box below indicated wireless alarm attached to the ceiling on a specified unit.