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Pricing Information

This link will give you pricing for all of the Spiderdoor hardware and services.

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Installers Link For The S23i

This link will provide your installer with everything he needs to get your keypad up and going. Installation directions that can be printed out along with every other questions he may ask. Feel free to provide this link to your potential installer as well. This will provide him with a good idea of the scope of work.

Installing S23i Internet Keypad

Network Connection

Our S23i keypad requires a CAT5/6 hardwired cable in order for it to function properly. The keypad also receives its power via POE (power over ethernet.) No Spiderdoor hardware connects via WI-FI. It must be hardwired. This is to make sure we have a strong reliable keypad 24/7.

Hardwired connection example
Cell connection example

Automatically Syncs

Spiderdoor keypads integrate with the major management software company’s. When a gate code is created in the management software, it pushes the gate code straight to the Spider keypad.

Management Software Partners

The Spider hardware works hand in hand with your management software.

  • Syrasoft
  • Domico
  • Doorswap
  • Storedge
  • Web Self Storage
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Sitelink
  • Storedge
  • Storage Commander
  • Tenant Inc
  • Cubby (coming)

Follows Lock Out Rules Of Management Software

Our keypads will mirror what your management software shows. In your software shows a tenant as locked out, the tenant will be locked out at the gate as well.

One Year Warranty

All Spiderdoor hardware comes with one year warranty on any defective part of our keypads.

Master Codes

Owners and managers can easily add unlimited master codes to any of our keypads, all from the desktop admin or managers app.

Managers App

All Spiderdoor keypads come with unlimited access to our managers app. Easily control your gates from anywhere worldwide.

Support Via Phone

We provide U.S. based support via our support line Monday through Friday 8am-5pm cst. You will be able to talk with a knowledge support representative by phone same day. We also have email support if needed.

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