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Features of the S55a unit alarms

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Installers Link For Our Individual Unit Alarms

This link will provide you with insight on how to get your alarms installed properly.

Unit Alarm Installation

Wireless Alarms

Our S55a individual unit alarms are all wireless. They connect to a gateway that we provide to you as well. This gateway ties all alarms together and sends the data to Spiderdoor using your local internet connection.

Automatically Disarms Alarms

Spiderdoor keypads are the key to disarming an alarm inside a specific unit. When tenant enters the location, they type in their gate code thus disarming the alarm for 60 minutes after the last movement on that specific alarm.

Management Software Partners

The Spider alarms work hand in hand with your management software.

  • Syrasoft
  • Domico
  • Doorswap
  • Storedge
  • Web Self Storage
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Sitelink
  • Storedge
  • Storage Commander
  • Tenant Inc (coming)
  • Cubby (coming)

Follows Lock Out Rules Of Management Software

Our alarms will not be disarmed if a tenant is currently locked out of the facility.


Each alarm has the capability to sound an alarm on movement, text message the manager and also text message the tenant. These parameters are set per your direction.

Battery Life Of Alarm

The battery life inside each alarm is 3-5 years depending on the use. The Spider admin will show you when a battery is down to 20%. This will allow your manager to easily swap out the battery. Batteries can be purchased online for roughly $14 per battery.

Activity Log On Individual Alarms

Owners and managers will be able to view alarm activity inside the Spiderdoor admin.

Support Via Phone

We provide U.S. based support via our support line Monday through Friday 8am-5pm cst. You will be able to talk with a knowledge support representative by phone same day. We also have email support if needed.

Provide Spiderdoor Sales Or Support With The Following

We will need to approve placement of the gateway at your location. Imagine a large circle! A gateway will be placed in the center of this circle and it will provide connection to no more than 200 individual alarms. If you have more than 200 alarms being used at a location, you will simply need to add additional gateways. You would then have gateway A, B, C and so on as needed. The alarms come labeled as A alarms, B alarms, C alarms etc. The different colors represent a different group of alarms and gateway. (Click on example layouts below to expand.)

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