New User?

So, your a new user?

And confused on where to begin! Require your entire team to watch this prior to using Spider products.

New User Watch First (video #1)

If you are a new user of any Spiderdoor services or hardware, do not go any further until you watch this video! Be sure to watch all videos on this page. These videos are super helpful and will give you guidance on exactly how everything works!

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Important Keypad Information (video#2)

SUPER IMPORTANT TO WATCH: This video explains what is required of your team to make sure your keypads work properly. You must set your time zone and daylight savings time. Spiderdoor does not set these values so make sure that is done. If you have questions, feel free to call support.

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Owners Must Provide Login Creds (video #3)

There are two roles to access Spiderdoors admin. There is the OWNER role and then there is the MANAGERS role. These are very different.

Please note that Spiderdoor support will not give just anyone access to your Spider admin. The owner on the account is the only person that Spider support can provide login information to.

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Are You A Manager? Watch This If So! (video #4)

If you are a manager, this short video will show you how you will be receiving your login credentials. Remind your supervisor that you need login credentials if you do not have them currently. Remember, Spiderdoor cannot give login credentials to anyone other than the contact person whos name is on the account.

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Full Overview Of Spiderdoor Admin Dashboard (video#5)

SUPER IMPORTANT TO WATCH: This video explains how to use the desktop dashboard log in. Learn how to view the activity log, how to open your gates manually from the dashboard and so much more. (Don’t forget to click the button below to search and view many videos that will be extremely helpful to understanding all aspects of the Spiderdoor system.)

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