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Streamline Rent Collection with Self Storage Payment Reminders (1)

Discover how self-storage payment reminder solutions can simplify rent collection processes and improve tenant communication in your facility. Explore key features and benefits to enhance your self-storage management.

Collecting payments from your tenants can be time consuming and this is not how you want to spend your or your manager’s time each month. Automated text-based debt collection helps to reduce the time spent collecting payments and reduce delinquencies at your self storage facility.

Gate Collector (2)

Our access control keypads will automatically send a payment link to a customer that is denied access at the keypad, due to a delinquent balance. No need to take a phone call or have someone in the office process their payment. It is all handled remotely through a text message.

Executive Management Will Be Required To Provide Managers With Login Credentials? (3)

Executive Management should watch this video

Watch this video to understand how credentials are created for managers by upper management.
Spiderdoor has two different roles that can be provided to either the OWNERS or MANAGERS. A role must be set for any user.

OWNER’S ROLE: Executive management and owners should have this role for themselves. Spiderdoor will provide these roles only. Spiderdoor cannot assign MANAGER ROLES to anyone. That has to be performed by one of your team members who have the OWNER’S ROLE privileges.

This Video Will Show Managers How A Manager Will Receive Log In Credentials? (4)

If you are a manager, watch this video to understand how you receive login credentials to view stats from the Text Collections feature. Once you receive credentials, you can always go to the Spiderdoor website and you will see a LOGIN button at the top right-hand corner. Simply click there and use your credentials to gain access.

Can A Customer Submit A Payment If They Are In Lien Status? (5)

Still want a little more info? Watch this video as well. Text Collector will not allow payments made past what you settings in Sitelink dictate. See the attached picture from Corporate Control in Sitelink (“CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS DISABLED AFTER THIS NUMBER OF DAYS”). This picture shows 37 days but whatever you have set inside your corp control from Sitelink will determine if a customer can make a payment past a certain number of days. Using the settings shown in the example picture, if a tenant receives a text message and it is beyond 37 days late, the tenant would only be able to click to call your office. If they attempted to make a payment using Text Collector, they would see a response shown in the attached picture as well saying “TENANT IS TOO MANY DAYS PAST DUE.”

OPT Tenant Out Of Receiving Text Messages (6)

“My tenant does not want to get messages via Text Message!” Well, this short video will show you exactly how to stop text messages from going to a specific tenant.

OPT Every Tenant In For Text Messages (7)

If you just signed up for Text Collector, then you need to make sure all of your tenants are opted in for a text message (SMS Message.) This video will show you how to do that and it will also show you how to default all new tenants in as well.

Payment Options Screen (8)

Example payment screen that the tenant will see after he/she clicks on the link. This screen will allow them to pay their outstanding balance

Example Text Message (9)

Example screenshot of the friendly message that is sent out to delinquent customers when they are delinquent.

What Shows In The Sitelink Bulletin Board After Text Is Sent? (10)

Sitelink User:  When a text is sent via Text Collector, you will get one of four responses below.  These responses will show up in  your sitelink bulletin board. NOTE: This is not 100% accurate as we depend on Twilio (text messaging service) for the responses. It is not possible to get confirmations on all text messages that are sent.  Just like when you use your own mobile device, you can’t always confirm a text has been received by the person you are sending the text to.

  • Spider Text (TC) DELIVERED: This confirms that your tenant successfully received a text message
  • Spider Text (TC) NOT CONFIRMED: This means that we can not for sure determine if the tenant received the text message or not. Their cellular provider does not allow us to confirm. Nothing will show up in your Sitelink bulletin board until Twilio responds with a response. (NOTE:   a “NOT-CONFIRMED” response can take up to 24 hours to update the Sitelink bulletin board.)
  • ​Spider Text (TC) OPTED OUT: This states that a customer chose not to receive your text messages by responding to your first text with the word STOP. (You can not legally force customers to receive text messages. You have to give them the option to OPT OUT)
  • Spider Text (TC) UNDELIVERED: This confirms that the tenant did not receive the text message that was sent. This can be due to the tenant’s number no longer being in service, it could be a landline and not a cell number that accepts text messages or it could be that the tenant has a paid service that blocks all incoming text/calls that aren’t contacts in their mobile device.

Does Text Collector Work Automatically Or Does My Manager Have To Do Something To Activate? (11)

It doesn’t require your manager to do anything once the delinquency dates are provided to SpiderDoor. You simply provide SpiderDoor with the 3 dates you would like for the message to be sent to delinquent tenants and we do the magic from there!

Does Management Software Show When A Delinquent Text Message Has Been Sent To A Tenant? (12)

Yes, you can look at your Sitelink bulletin board and it will show when and to whom it was sent. It will also appear in the tenant notes.

What dates are the text messages sent out? (13)

That is your decision. If your tenant is due on the 1st and delinquent after the 5th, then maybe you send the first text out on the 7th. Then the second one out on the 15th. Then the third one out on the 24th. Its your decision.

Does a customer have the option to opt out of a text being sent to them? (14)

Yes. Legally, you must give a customer the option not to receive a message from you via text message. This same principal goes along with emails being sent. Legally, tenants can opt out of emails being sent if they desire.

Is there an additional monthly fee for text collector? (15)

Yes. This is an additional feature that SpiderDoor provides. You will be charged per location monthly.

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