Remotely secure your units

We now sell combination locks tied to your location

Free to current Spiderdoor Users paying our standard base fee! We can also offer features that are on par with our overlocking competitors who provide the same service for enhancing the performance of your storage units, without the high monthly cost.

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With Spider Locks, you can assign a four-digit combination code to a lock through our online lock management portal. If a tenant falls behind on payments, attaching a Spider Lock to their unit is a simple task.

What’s great is that you can use any padlock of your choice. All it needs is some form of identifier or serial number to seamlessly automate the process. Let Spiderdoor assist you in streamlining your operations!

Moreover, you can oversee the entire overlock process directly from the Spiderdoor admin and/or managers app. Spiderdoor calculates the required action based on the paid-through date and the additional days you specify, eliminating the need to switch between different software programs. Everything can be efficiently managed within Spiderdoor!

Easy Release Flow

Tenant can request unlock code

Why bother having tenants text a designated number to receive their unlock code when it’s as simple as scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC sticker? Tenants can effortlessly use their mobile devices to scan or tap, and voila, the unlock code is promptly sent via text message and email, directly to the tenant. Alternatively, tenants can input the code and quickly type in the serial number of the padlock, with the code being immediately sent to them. We also provide a phone number for tenants to text, if they want to receive the link by text message.

4 Digit Combo Lock

Any lock with a serial number will work

Just utilize a padlock equipped with a four-digit combination code. These padlocks are readily available for purchase on platforms like Amazon or through online searches for the best deals. Simply search for “4 digit disc padlock” to locate suitable options. Once you have the padlock, you can seamlessly integrate it into the Spiderdoor backend for automated functionality. Typically, you can find these locks for around $6 per lock on Amazon. Different colors are available online as well. Or use locks you currently have. As long as they have a serial number, they will work with Spiderdoor.

How Does It Work

It's all integrated to your management software

Each padlock is furnished with a unique serial number, like the example 12j12c, which we utilize to manage the padlock code. In case a customer falls behind on payments, our system promptly identifies the unit requiring a padlock installation. Additionally, our managers’ app automatically identifies units needing lock removal or addition, conveniently highlighted in orange for easy viewing. You have the option to obtain stickers for your padlocks from us or create them independently. These stickers allow tenants to effortlessly scan a QR code or tap the NFC sticker with their mobile device, extracting the serial number directly from the padlock itself (tenant would not have to type the serial number in to retrieve unlock code.) Alternatively, if your locks already have serial numbers, you can use those for the same purpose.

Managers App

How does the managers app make the flow easier for managers?

The manager’s app eliminates guesswork entirely! It precisely informs the manager about each unit’s requirements. If a tenant requires an overlock to be removed, it will be highlighted in orange, indicating “Action needed.” The manager can then proceed to the unit requiring the lock removal, effortlessly retrieving the padlock code from the app. After completing the task, the manager confirms the lock removal, and the app seamlessly guides them through the next steps. It’s incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use.

SpiderDoor doesn't just secure your storage facility.

We make your life easier.