Spider Over Locks

Remotely secure your units

using Spiderdoor

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Why have your managers remove overlocks from units when the tenant can do it themselves!

Spider Locks allow you to assign a four digit combination code to a lock in our web-based lock management portal. When a tenant is overdue and an overlock is required, a Spider Lock can be affixed to the unit. 

The most amazing part about our service is that we send a “QUICK PAY LINK” to the tenant the second the lock is placed on the unit. When using the QUICK PAY LINK, the tenant doesn’t have to login with a user name or password anywhere as the link is assigned specifically to that tenant. The tenant simply plugs in their credit card information right then. That information is pushed to the management software and the payment is submitted. Tenants can also download the SpiderDoor tenant app and pay their rent or simply pay from any means you provide them to pay from. Once the payment is made, SpiderDoor knows that the unit is no longer delinquent and the tenant is given the code for their Spider Lock through the mobile app as well as by a text message sent direct from Spiderdoor. No manager assistance needed!

We then track that the lock has been placed back in the appropriate return bin and the tenant and manager are free to proceed with their day.

The beauty is you can use any padlock you chose to use. It just needs some sort of identifier or serial number along with the Spiderdoor NFC sticker to easily automate the flow. Let Spiderdoor help you automate!

Lastly, you can manage the entire overlock flow from the Spiderdoor admin and/or managers app alone. Spiderdoor takes the paid through date and adds the number of days you request, after the paid through date, to determine when to add a padlock to an overdue tenants unit. No going back and forth from one software program to your management software. Its easily maintained right inside of Spiderdoor!

4 Digit Combo Lock

Any lock with a serial number will work with the Spiderdoor overlock system

Simply use a padlock with a four digit combo code. You can purchase these padlocks on amazon or surf the internet to find the best price. Search the keywords "4 digit disc padlock" to easily find a lock. We then allow you to tie that pad lock into the Spiderdoor backend for automation. You can find locks for roughly $12+/- per lock on amazon.

How Does It Work

It's all integrated to your management software

Each padlock has a serial number on it somewhere. (Example serial would be 1212c) We would take that serial number and use it to maintain the padlock code. When a customer is delinquent, our system shows you which unit needs a padlock installed. Our managers app also automatically shows you which unit needs a lock removed or added. You can purchase NFC stickers from us as well that allows you to use your mobile device to tap and read the serial # right from the padlock.

Managers App

How does the managers app make the flow easier for managers?

With the managers app, there is no guess work! The app tells the manager exactly which unit needs what! If a tenant needs an overlock removed, then it will be orange which equals "Action needed." Manger will walk to the unit that needs the lock removed, manager can easily grab the padlock code from the app and remove the lock. Once completed, manager confirms the lock was moved and now the app will guide the manager to the next steps needed. Extremely easy to use.

SpiderDoor doesn't just secure your storage facility.

We make your life easier.