REQUIRED: You must notify SpiderDoor 24 hours in advance of installation. If you do not notify in advance, you will not be able to have your pad functional the same day of installation.

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"This Keypad Is Connected Via Cellular Signal"

1. Installation Connection Overview
Click the photo below to enlarge the photo. This shows the flow for installation.

2. Installation Video + Items Included With Purchase
Installing the cellular keypad is a snap. One wire for low voltage electricity and one other wire for the relay going to the gate motor. The video below shows how to wire up and install the cellular keypad.

With our cellular keypad, you will receive one keypad, one power adapter and two sets of keys.

3. Confirmation Lights Cellular Overview
There should be a solid blue light breathing slowly on and off. This means that it is connected properly.

4. Get The Managers App
The managers app will allow you to open the gate from anywhere, view activity logs and more. Click here to text message yourself a link to download the app. Spiderdoor will have to provide you with login credentials.

5. Download Install Guide
Click below to download a PDF copy of the installations directions.

6. Trouble Shooting A Cellular Keypad

Customer Support Line - (619) 489-6959
Email Support -

  • 1. The first thing to do anytime you have an issue is to power-cycle the keypad by disconnecting the power for 45 seconds and then plugging it back in. This can be done by simply unplugging the power supply for that keypad from the base plug it is plugged in to. If you have to do this often, please call our office as you shouldn't have to do this. We can check to make sure nothing else is occurring.
  • ​2. Make sure the keypad has electricity to it. You will be able to look at the keys on the punch pad. If the keys are lit up, then that indicates it has power.
  • ​2. Make sure the cyan/blue light is pulsating.
  • ​3. Double check the voltage coming to the keypad if you did not use the adapter that was shipped with the keypad. The keypad must have between 12vDC - 24vDC. Anything below that or above that will make the keypad mis-function. 
  • 4. The lights can still show up and the pad will look as though it has power but if it doesn't have 12volts or is higher than 24volts, the PCB board will not function. Again the lights may still be lit but the voltage must be correct. This usually occurs when an installer ties the keypad directly into the gate motor instead of using the adapter provided with the pad.
  • ​5. If the beeping sound stops, please call our office or email us to report that.

7. GPS Location Of The Keypad
If your location purchased the Tenant App, the OPEN GATE feature for the tenants will not work until this is completed and returned to SpiderDoor cstomer service. We will then plug the coordinates in for your keypad and it will only allow tenants to open your gate if they are within 200' of your keypad. This keeps tenants from opening gate from anywhere. Managers app allows managers and owners to open gates from anywhere in the world.

Download one of the apps below and open the app. Stand within 5' of your installed keypad and take a screen shot and forward that to Spiderdoor using email below.
Email Support -

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