S23i Installers Guide

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REQUIRED: You must notify SpiderDoor 24 hours in advance of installation. If you do not notify in advance, you will not be able to have your pad functional the same day of installation. Click the "Request Install" button. 

BUSINESS HOURS: 9am - 4pm Eastern Standard Time
Monday through Friday

Leave Voicemail Request:  (205) 821-6000

1. Read Before Starting: IP Addresses
If you have other hardware such as cameras at your location, the IP addresses must be set up properly on your cameras! Otherwise, the cameras will eventually interfere with your keypads. This is because your keypads have DYNAMIC IP addresses and most cameras have STATIC IP addresses. STATIC IP addresses will take precedent over DYNAMIC IP addresses and can potentially kick your pads offline with power or internet outages. The way to keep this from happening is to use a "Two Router Configuration." This is not required but will resolve potential issues if your network system is not setup properly. (click photos to enlarge)

2. Installation Connection Overview
Click the photo below to enlarge the photo. This shows the flow for installation. (click photos to enlarge)

3. POE (Power over Ethernet) Switch And Power Cable
This piece of hardware is what actually adds electricity to the CAT6 cable that is going out to your keypad. So now you have internet connection plus electricity going out to the keypad. This homerun should not exceed 275 feet otherwise a booster will be required. Simply plug a CAT6 cable into your locations router and then the other will go into the "IN" port on the POE Switch provided. Then a CAT6 cable will come from the "OUT" port of the POE Switch and it will go direct to your keypad. Don't forget to plug the power cable for this switch into a base plug.

4. Installation Video + Items Included With Purchase
Installing the internet keypad is a snap. Cat5/6 cable to feed the keypad with power and internet. The other wire for the relay going to the gate motor. The video here shows the install for our S22i pads but the newer S23i basically installs the same way only the relays have different placement on the PCB board.
****With our S23i Pad, you will receive one keypad, one power adapter and two sets of keys.

5. Confirmation Lights  Overview
There should be a solid green light and the orange light should be flickering. This means that your pad is connected properly to your network.   (click photos to enlarge)

6. Get The Managers App
The managers app will allow you to open the gate from anywhere, view activity logs and more. Click here to text message yourself a link to download the app. Spiderdoor will have to provide you with login credentials.  (click photos to enlarge)

7. Download Install Guide
Click to download a PDF copy of the installations directions.

8. Trouble Shooting An Internet Keypad

Note that if your location has cameras and they are connected via STATIC IP address, then it may conflict with the connection of your new keypad. SpiderDoor keypads are connected using DYNAMIC IP addresses. Most camera systems are STATIC IP addresses. Static IP addresses take priority over DYNAMIC IP addresses.

  • A. The first thing to check is the little green light and the orange flickering light inside the keypad itself. (A photo of those LED lights, can be seen above in section 3.) If there is no green or orange light, then you are not connected to your network properly. If these lights are on, this confirms that you are connected to your network.
  • ​B. Next, try to power down the router and POE switch for one minute and then re-power them both back up. If the green and orange lights do not appear, then you still have an issue connecting the keypad to your network. You will want to reach out to your IT guy or installer to check all connections and router IP addresses. ( Click the PLAY VIDEO button below to watch a video describing step.)
  • ​C. If you feel that you have everything tied in properly but the pad still isn't connecting, you can take your keypad to another location where there is internet available and you can try plugging it into the router there to see if it connects properly. Physically take the keypad to a new location and take a short 6ft Cat6 cable and come from your router to the POE switch provided by Spiderdoor. Then from the POE switch straight to your keypad. If it works there, then your issue is pertaining to your network/internet issues, back at your site.
  • ​D. Keep in mind your Spiderentry management app as well as the manager's desktop login can show disconnected for up to 15 minutes as the system propagates, even though it may still be online. If the keypad has connected, your manager's app should work within 2 or 3 minutes after you plug everything back in and should allow you to click open and the keypad should buzz.
  • ​E. If you have had your keypad longer than 3 or 4 weeks and you haven't installed it, we may need to update the firmware once it is connected and online.

9. Re-Powering Your Keypad
Video here shows how to successfully re-power your internet keypad.

10. GPS Location Of The Keypad
If your location purchased the Tenant App, the OPEN GATE feature for the tenants will not work until this is completed and returned to SpiderDoor cstomer service. We will then plug the coordinates in for your keypad and it will only allow tenants to open your gate if they are within 200' of your keypad. This keeps tenants from opening gate from anywhere. Managers app allows managers and owners to open gates from anywhere in the world.

Download one of the apps here and open the app. Stand within 5' of your installed keypad and take a screen shot and forward that to Spiderdoor using email below.

Once you have GPS coordinates, you will email those to

You can send the actual coordinates or a screen shot of the coordinates to us. You tenants WILL NOT be able to use their app to open the gate until this is set.

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