Access Control

Seamless gate access that integrates

with your management software.

SpiderLock locs

We know you want a fully or at the minimum semi-automated smooth-running facility. The problem, you have unreliable gate access that is clunky due to a reliance on wifi or hardwired network that continually fails. SpiderDoor offers both cellular data and internet-connected pads giving your tenants secure reliable access.

Our owner/managers app is provided with all access control units and while you can use our system without management software, we highly recommend using one (and our system integrates easily with the top management programs in the storage industry). You can also use our system as a standalone access control system!

Once you’ve ordered your keypad, we will first ask you to watch a video explaining how to connect your management software to Spiderdoors backend! Next, we will provide a short video showing you how easy it is to install while you wait for it to arrive. You won’t have long to wait as we ship hardware within 5 – 7 business days of receiving your order. And, if you have any problems, call us. Our support team is available by phone Monday through Friday during business hours.


Cellular Access with Keypad

This simple keypad is connected to the cloud, using a cellular connection. There are no boxes, software to load, or controllers to install in your office, other than the keypad itself. Use any computer connected to the internet to view your administration program. Simply run a relay wire over to your gate motor and a wire for electricity (110 power supply). Note, none of our keypads have cameras built-inside the unit itself. Click learn more below to view all pricing.


Internet Hardwired Connection Mini Keypad

A keypad that can work anywhere, yes, please! It works just like any other keypad but can be used as an entrance pad as well as it can be mounted on individual units. Perfect for RV units that have automatic garage doors or for the man doors leading to the inside of a climate- controlled building. If used for an individual unit, only the code for that tenant can open the door. These pads are connected via CAT6 cable with POE (Power over ethernet). Click learn more below to view all pricing.


Internet Hardwired Connection

Just like our cellular keypad except it plugs in with a CAT6 cable. And, like our cellular version, there are no boxes, software, or controllers to install. Run a relay wire to your gate motor and then use the CAT6 to connect to your internet using POE (power over ethernet.) Click learn more below to view all pricing.


Self Storage Gate Access Control Model

This module bypasses any keypad/access control system you may already have in place and allows you via your dashboard or managers app or your tenants via our tenant’s app to open the gate. All it takes is connecting two wires to the relay in your gate motor and one wires powered to a 110 outlet. SpiderDoor does the rest. Click learn more below to view all pricing.

Request To Exit Button

Self Storage Gate Access Control Model

This module simply allows your tenant to press the button to exit your facility. It does not require any power source. You have just your relay wire going from this module over to your gate motor, which signals the gate to open when button is pushed.

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