Self-Storage Access Control Systems

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Simplify Self Storage Access With SpiderDoor Access Control Systems

Self Storage Access Control Systems that help you manage gate entry, collect payment, and improve security. All without you there!

AWESOME product for self storage owners and managers! We have 9 locations and use SpiderDoor keypads at all of our locations. Our customers love to open the gate and make payments on the SpiderDoor customer app as well.
Eric Case, Byron Self Storage/Flying Storage Group, GA

Self Storage Keypads

Self Storage Keypads That Make Your Life Easier

  • Provide tenants with customizable access to their storage units.
  • Utilize cellular data or an internet connection for access control.
  • Seamlessly integrate keypads with management software for automated self-storage management.
Self Storage Access Control Keypads

Manager & Tenant Apps

Manager & Tenant Apps

  • Remote Gate Access: Open facility gates from anywhere in the world. 
  • Custom Branded Apps: Tenants can rent, pay bills, and seek help with a branded app for iPhone and Android.
  • Easily Collect Payments: Over $7 million is processed monthly, securely integrated into your management software.
Manager & Tenant Apps

Self Storage Alarms


  • Boost your revenue! Secure storage units equipped with alarms allow owners to justify premium pricing, increasing revenue potential.
  • Competitive Edge: Advanced alarm systems differentiate facilities, attracting and retaining security-conscious clients, and enhancing market leadership.
  • Risk Reduction: Investment in alarms mitigates security threats, minimizing losses from theft or vandalism, and ensuring long-term cost savings.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Mount wireless units effortlessly; enjoy 3-5 years of battery life with simple replacements.
  • Seamless Integration & Alerts: Connect alarms to gate keypads; receive instant text and email notifications for swift action.
Unit Alarms

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