Storage Unit Alarms

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It’s important that your tenants have an extra layer of security and feel that their units are protected from harm. Our individual unit alarms provide the security your tenants want from a storage facility and are easy to install and maintain.

Unit alarms are wireless and are stuck, literally stuck, to the ceiling or the side wall of each unit using magnets or a bracket that is mounted with a drill and screw. And, with 3-5 years of battery life powering a sensitive motion sensor, you can rest easy knowing your units are safe from any potential theft threat. When alarm batteries need to be replaced, it is as simple as pulling the alarm unit down, putting in a new battery, and sticking it back on the ceiling.

To use the storage unit alarms, you need a wireless gateway with an internet connection and electricity. Alarms must be within  30-40 feet of each other to form a mesh network and you can connect as many as you need. Two hundred alarms can be attached to one gateway. Just note, that you can have as many gateways as needed to cover all your units.

Unit alarms are tied to an individual’s gate code, so access control keypads are required to connect. Once, your tenant enters their gate code, it deactivates the alarm for their unit.

If an alarm is triggered, the unit owner and the manager of the facility receive a text message and an email alerting them to the alarm.

Unit alarms are a great security feature and a potential upsell for your facility.


How unit alarms are installed

Individual unit alarms can be installed one of two ways. We have brackets that are screwed to a wall using a one inch sheet metal screw, holding the alarm case snug to a wall. The second way is using magnets! You will provide Spiderdoor the preferred installation method prior to us shipping alarms out to your location so we can configure them properly.

Overview of S55a Alarms

Overview for individual unit alarms

The video below will give you a complete look at how the individual unit alarms work.



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