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SpiderDoor does not install our own hardware. That is why we need partners like you to help promote and install our products.

To help incentivize you, we are offering a $50 discount for the first keypad you sell and install at a property. Additionally, we will increase that discount to $100 per keypad if you sell more than 2 per location.

In order to participate in this program you must be part of our approved installers list. To do this, you need to watch all videos in the button provided below. Once you have fully completed the video provided, return back to this page to input your information as a confirmation of completion. We will send you an email confirmation that you have been added to our list.

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Additional details: To order keypads for your customers, contact our support line (205) 821-6000 and request a proposal. We will include a discount in the proposal and you can charge your customer the standard SpiderDoor prices. SpiderDoor does not provide discounts in our monthly fees. Therefore, you can process the payments for hardware using your payment method. Then your customer will provide thier payment information for their monthly fees. Note that this can all be done automatically through our systems. Please contact us with any information

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