Self Storage Gate Access
Self Storage Gate Access
Self Storage Mobile App by Spiderdoor
Spiderdoor cellular keypads along with a managers app

No One Will Beat Our Price!

Our promise to you is that we will drop 5% below any competitors advertised purchase price, on the upfront cost of any of our "HARD WIRED" Self Storage Gate Access Control Systems (S23i and S44i).

*** Competitors keypads and self storage gate access control must be integrated with the management software being used at your location, in order to qualify for price match***

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(No other hardware or software to install at your site other than the keypad itself. Save thousands on installation alone!)
"Yep. The internet has won."
Bill Newsum
"Yep. This is a game changer."
Bill Newsum
This Spiderdoors S22c , a cellular keypad
SpiderEntry Access Control

Limited Time Sales Price - $1,859 for entire system

Monthly recurring fee includes base fee of $75.00 plus $30 per cellular keypad
"What's so different about this access control system?"
       Well... the short answer would be "Cellular Connection!" This keypad works just like your traditional keypad, the only difference being it's cellular and connected to the cloud. So the same way that your cell phone is connected to the cloud, the keypad is connected to the cloud. Modern day technology has enabled an increase in efficiency and performance. This simple looking keypad is the answer you've been looking for! There are no other boxes, software or controllers to install. There are no wires to be ran back to your main office. You simply have a relay wire ran over to your gate motor and a wire for electricity. Note, Cellular keypad does not have a camera built in.

 That's it! After you're hooked up. You'll have full control.
(No other software or hardware to install)
"Owner / Managers App"
Provided with all access systems
The S44i is Spiderdoors mini keypad
SpiderEntry Mini Access Control

Limited Time Sales Price - $1,659 for entire system 

Monthly recurring fee includes base fee of $75.00 plus $10 per internet keypad
"What's this little keypad used for?"
      It can literally be used anywhere! It works just like a normal keypad works but it's small and compact enough to be mounted on an individual storage unit or for the man doors leading to the inside of a climate controlled building. If it is used for individual units, only the code of the tenant occupying that specified unit will work for that pad. These pads are perfect for RV units that have an automatic garage door opener, on the door. These doors are normally too heavy to lift manually. This pad does the job plus a tenant can open their unit with the tenant app as well, if the location has the Spiderdoor Personalized tenant app.

These pads are connected via CAT6a cable.
(No other software or hardware to install)
"Owner / Managers App"
Provided with all access systems
This is Spiderdoors S23i keypad with a camera
SpiderEntry Access Control

Limited Time Sales Price - $2,159 for entire system

Monthly recurring fee includes base fee of $75.00 plus $10 per internet keypad
"What makes this Internet access control different?"
       It works just like our cellular version only it plugs in using a CAT5 cable. There are no other boxes, software or controllers to install. You simply have a relay wire ran over to your gate motor and a piece of CAT5 that is connected to your local internet connection. That's it! After you're hooked up. You'll have full control.
(No other software or hardware to install)
"Owner / Managers App"
Provided with all access systems


"What is this?"
       This is Spiderdoors newest creation. This type of access control doesn't exist anywhere in the world currently. This access control keypad doesn't require internet nor does it require a cellular signal. It just requires one of your tenants to get close to the keypad and all the gate codes will sync back and forth, using the tenants cellular device. Anyone that has your app on their smart phone, the phone will update your keypad every time they get close to the keypad. If a smart phone with your app gets within 25 to 30 feet of your keypad, it simply updates all the codes immediately, based on what codes the administrator of the account provides. The administrator uses the Spiderdoor dashboard to do this. Keep in mind the Spiderdoor dashboard is integrated with some of the top self storage management software providers in the industry. So this means that your keypad is updated with all gate codes through this same flow.
(No other software or hardware to install)
S33L is Spiderdoors individual door latches
Wireless Connection
Door Latches


"This does WHAT?"
       This is another one of Spiderdoors newest creations along with our ByFlow Access Control System (shown above.) These individual door latches are state of the art technology created by SpiderDoor. There are several ways the latches can function, but the primary use is to over lock tenants’ units automatically and avoid that dreadful practice of manually walking to every single delinquent unit and over lock it. Our latches can be purchased and installed, one at a time or install as many as you'd like to install. They are easy to install, and we currently have latches for a few of the major roll up doors. Again, these can be added to most existing roll up doors. The install is simple and requires the installer to drill 6 holes and bolt the unit to the door. Our latches mount inside the unit on the lower corner of the door, detouring disgruntle tenants from prying a latch or over locking mechanism off the unit’s door from the outside. Tenants will still use their personal lock on the outside of the door, giving them peace of mind that no one has access to their unit.
(No other software or hardware to install)
S55a are Spiderdoor individual door alarms for self storage units
Individual Unit Alarms
Alarm / Heat Sensor
Click above to watch video

NOTE: All gateways require an internet connection currently. We are working to have a cellular gateway available in the near future. All alarms connect wirelessly to gateway.


"A tenants unit has never been this secure!"
       Simply take one of our wireless units and stick it to the ceiling of a tenants unit. We do the rest. We provide activity logs, allow alarms to be deactivated with our entrance keypads or the tenants personal mobile app. Managers will instantly get text notifications anytime a unit has been triggered and not properly deactivated by the tenant. The tenant gets a text as well if their units alarm has been triggered. This system is insane! 
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(This unit is wireless and it has a 3 to 5 year battery life. The Spiderdoor dashboard will show when a battery is at 20% or less.)

Individual Alarms are
Purchase Price - $140 per alarm
Monthly Monitoring  Fee - $1 per alarm

Alarms are represented by yellow and red boxes in photos below
S14c is Spiderdoors cellular module which will open gates remotely.
SpiderEntry Access Opener
Spiderdoor cellular gate module
Shows Spiderdoors cellular gate module
"This module will open any gate motor!"
       This module mounts direct to your gate motor and allows the manager to open the gate at any time from their desktop dashboard or the SpiderDoor managers app. It doesn't matter the brand or type of keypad you currently have! It bypasses all access control programs and keypads and allows you immediate access. If your tenants use our personalized SpiderDoor app, it will allow the tenants to open the gate as well. Two wires go direct to your relay inside the gate motor. SpiderDoor does the rest with ease.
(No other software or hardware to install)
"Full control and a bird's eye view."
       You can access your dashboard from any device at anytime. See who enters and at what time. Want to beef up security? Turn on photos and we'll snap a photo of every person who enters your facility. Literally, everything in regards to access is in one, centralized location. 
click photo to enlarge
"A mobile app for superior convenience. It really doesn't get much easier than this."
       The manager app allows you to open your gate from anywhere as long as your phone has a data signal. This is extremely useful for owners and managers. As an owner, I'm sure you can't count the number of times you've been away from your storage location and it just so happened that you needed to open the gate immediately. This is your answer! With the keypad installed, simply open the app and you can open, latch open, or close your gate from anywhere in the world.
"Our system can be used with or without management software!"
       Although it requires more work on your part, our system will work as a standalone system meaning no management software is required. However, a good management software is highly recommended. Simply plug in your gate codes using our dashboard and they will immediately be updated in your keypad, all via the cloud. No other hardware or software is required to function properly. Our system is the easiest to use Self Storage Access Controller available today!

       Use managers app to easily add master gate codes from anywhere, using your smartphone. Updates code in keypad immediately.
click photo to enlarge
"Tenant App Needed?"
       Spiderdoor provides a managers app with every keypad sell. So this means you can have 100% control over your gates worldwide. All you need is a cellular connection on your smart phone and presto, you'll be able to access the gate!

       We can also provide a tenant app (Non- Personalized shown in the left hand.) You as the self storage owner can choose between two options. 

1. A Personalized App for your site (shown in the right hand)
2. Non Personalized App for your site (Non- Personalized shown in the left hand)

       Both apps perform the same other than one is personalized in the app stores with your logo. The other requires a tenant to plug in your sites code, which will be provided to you by Spiderdoor. Then the tenant will be taken to the screen with your logo and branding. (Purchase necessary for tenant apps)
Spiderdoors non personalized app
Available November 2019
Wireless Individual Door Latches. Works hand in hand with your keypad access! No more having to over-lock a delinquent tenants unit. We automate that for you! A tenant can pay their monthly bill using your website or our app and it will automatically release the over-lock. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Latch mounts on the inside left bottom about 4 inches from the floor.
100% Wireless. Nothing to install other than the latch. Battery life is approximately 5 years. Managers dashboard will show battery life in real time.
  Purchase as few or as many as you'd like. No set amount to purchase
  Units are wireless! Drill 4 holes and mount
  Dashboard showing status of all latches
  Dashboard shows battery status
  Easy install. Literally drill 4 holes. Cut slot in track
  Manually lock or unlock
  Can be used manually without management software
Examples of Spiderdoors personalized app
some of our current customers
Shows Spiderdoors Pay Bill function
"My tenants love it!"
       The tenant app is essentially a kiosk in the pocket. Your customers can pay bills, rent units, open the gate, contact front desk, and even unlock the unit door. The app is custom branded to fit your business & will sit in both the iTunes and Google Play store. If you are using Spiderdoors SELF STORAGE GATE ACCESS CONTROLER, your tenants can easily open your gate using their app.

        A successfully deployed mobile app could potentially add significant value to your property.
"Insanely easy for tenants to make a payment"
       15 % to 20% of your customer base will use your personalized app to make their payment! 3 clicks and a payment is processed and updated in your management software. Watch the video below to see just how simple it is!
There is nothing remotely close in the storage industry to match this app! The world uses the their smartphone every seven minutes and never leaves their cell phone behind. Be sure that your business doesn't get left behind!
"So you want to rent units from your website?"
       In today's world, website builders charge a tremendous amount of money to build and maintain your website. Allowing rentals and payments on your website has been the main reason most storage owners have had to go this route. With all the technology available today to build your own website, why not save that huge expense monthly and do it yourself. There are many platforms available to build websites. Or, just hire any website designer to build your site and then just add our widgets. Its very simple and easy to do and save thousands yearly at the same time.

 What is a widget?
It is simply a short string of code that we provide to you or your web developer and it is copied and pasted on to your website. Once there, it simply allows tenants to rent new units, pay their monthly bill and so much more, right from your website!
  • 1. Build Your Own Website! You can maintain your own website and let us do the tough part of allowing rentals and payments by simply adding our widget.
  • 2. Surf the internet & choose from thousands of web designers, which allows you to get the best price available.
  • 3. Save thousands yearly!!!
Here's some common questions...
 Can you handle the load?
Yes! Because Spiderdoor is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon and backed up by Cloudflare Security). It will work for any size property or portfolio.
 Will the call button only call a cellphone?
The call button will call any valid phone number you program into the unit.
 Do I need to have an AT&T or T-Mobile phone?
Any cellphone on any network will allow you to control the device. Your personal cellular carrier does not matter!
 How many events will the Keypad log?
There is no limit.
 If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
 Will SpiderDoor work with my existing management software?
Integration with Sitelink is complete. New releases coming soon! Please contact us to check on the status of integrations.
 Who or what is a "user"?
A user is a customer (tenant) that will have full control of the gate via the mobile app. A customer must be paid current and only then will he or she have the ability to access the gate.
 Can I give someone access to the manager's app but prevent them from the dashboard?
 I don't have a cell signal when I stand next to my gate. Will this work?
This depends on the carrier you currently use. Our system uses AT&T as its provider. If you currently use AT&T as your cellular carrier and it works at your gate, then yes it will function. The system is dependent upon a good cellular connection. Without it, the system will not function! :( 
 How long do the image captures stay on the dashboard?
18 months and then they are permanently destroyed.
 Do you offer any type of lightning coverage?
Our product is very unlikely to get hit with lightning due to limited wiring however if you would like to add coverage, it is available.
 How long are your contracts?
There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use SpiderDoor month to month, and cancel at any time you'd like!
Sitelink self storage gate access
Storage commander self storage gate access
Syrasoft self storage gate access
Self Storage Manager self storage gate access
Web self storage self storage gate access
Storedge self storage management software

NOTE: Not all Spider products are integrated with all of the above. Gate access systems are integrated with all the above.

You will not be able to see presenter screen unless you are currently speaking with salesperson on the phone.