Spiderlock Directions

Directions For Removing Lock

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Your unit has been overlocked due to delinquency or other reasons. To remove padlock from unit, payment in full is required. Once paid in full, you will receive the code via text, to your cell phone # on file. Return padlock in drop box on site to avoid additional fees.

Option #1 to pay your bill

    1. In the box below, fill in the zip code for your storage location.
    2. Select your exact storage location from the list
    3. Type in your storage unit #
    4. Type in your gate code
    5. Click SUBMIT and then click PAY NOW
    6. Once paid, you will receive a text message with the padlock code

    Option #2 to pay your bill

    1. Click download App above and once downloaded, type in the customer code for your storage location, seen above.
    2. Create an account using an email of your choosing, create a password, input your unit# and gate code.
    3. You will then be able to pay using your app.
    4. Once paid in full, you will receive a text sowing your padlock code. YOu can also view your code in the app once paid in full.

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