S22i Spider Access System

Internet Keypad

S22c Spider Access System

Cellular Keypad

Allows for a smooth day at the office!

No other software to install at the location other than your keypad and power supply. Installing is simple!
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  • Benefit: Keypad syncs in real time with Syrasoft
  • Benefit: Managers App allowing manager to open gate
  • Benefit: Managers dashboard login to view activity log and more
  • ​Benefit: Managers can open gate from desktop login
  • ​​Benefit: Managers can latch gates open and hold open easily
SyraSoft Connect
Real time sync
Updating tenants gate access in the Syrasoft management software will reflect in your locations access control devices in real time.
Over 80+ average, Spider keypads sold monthly. 
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       This is Spiderdoors newest creation. This type of access control doesn't exist anywhere in the world currently. This access control keypad doesn't require internet nor does it require a cellular signal. It just requires one of your tenants to get close to the keypad and all the gate codes will sync back and forth, using the tenants cellular device. Anyone that has your app on their smart phone, the phone will update your keypad every time they get close to the keypad. If a smart phone with your app gets within 25 to 30 feet of your keypad, it simply updates all the codes immediately, based on what codes the administrator of the account provides. The administrator uses the Spiderdoor dashboard to do this. Keep in mind the Spiderdoor dashboard is integrated with some of the top self storage management software providers in the industry. So this means that your keypad is updated with all gate codes through this same flow.
Spider Latches
S4i Latches
  • Battery Life: 3 to 4 years depending on use
  • Latch & Unlatch Remotely: Manager can access remotely with ease
  • Tenant Sync: If using one of our management software partners, your latches will lock and unlock based on software settings. (Works just like your gate access works)
  • ​Manager Over Ride: Managers have access to an over ride key that will allow the latch to be released manually if needed. This opening is the only thing showing on the exterior portion of the door.
  • ​Easy Install: Installing requires 6 holes to be drilled and that's it. No wires to run and no other hardware or software to install



       This is another one of Spiderdoors newest creations along with our ByFlow Access Control System (shown above.) These individual door latches are state of the art technology created by SpiderDoor. There are several ways the latches can function, but the primary use is to over lock tenants’ units automatically and avoid that dreadful practice of manually walking to every single delinquent unit and over lock it. Our latches can be purchased and installed, one at a time or install as many as you'd like to install. They are easy to install, and we currently have latches for a few of the major roll up doors. Again, these can be added to most existing roll up doors. The install is simple and requires the installer to drill 6 holes and bolt the unit to the door. Our units are mounts inside the unit, detouring disgruntle tenants from prying a latch or over locking mechanism off the unit’s door. 
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I would like to thank you for your interest in our products. We are extremely excited about the future and what it holds. Our access control sales has far exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to the growth of Spiderdoor products in the future. Our tenant app has collected well over seven million in payments during 2019 alone.

Again, thank you for your interest and we hope we can serve you for many years to come.
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