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Tenant App

Tenant App
Video #1

Overview Of The Tenant App
This video shows exactly what your customers will see. It also explains how powerful the tenant app is and how helpful it will be for your management staff.  Click to watch.

Tenant App
Video #2

Managers First Steps
Full overview of your new app! There is nothing better to help a manager understand all the aspects of your new App more than this video. I can assure you this will enlighten managers to the functionality of the app. I would highly recommend all managers to watch this in full. Technology is sometimes hard to explain but watching this makes it all look easy.

Tenant App
Video #3

Owner Creating Access For Individual Managers
The button labeled "Login" at the top of this page, will take you to the SpiderDoor DASHBOARD LOGIN screen. Type in your Spiderdoor user name and password. It will then show an owner how to setup and create manager credentials for each employee or managers at individual locations. (There are two roles. One is Owners Role and the other is a Managers Role. Owner supersedes manager role.)

Tenant App
Video #4


Owners Or District Managers Are Responsible For Creating Manager Login Credentials
It is the manager or owners responsibility to create login credentials & roles for each manager otherwise the managers will not be able to login to view anything. Also, managers will not be able to access their new keypads on the day on installation, if credentials have not been created for managers. SpiderDoor employees can only provide credentials for one owner or executive.

Receive Credentials To Login To Dashboard
This is the first video you should watch. This explains how you will get access to the SpiderDoor Dashboard. Here you will be able to access many features of your gate access control system as well you tenant app, if your location has purchased the tenant app. Once you receive your credentials, simply click on the LOGIN button above to access your dashboard. You can also find the login button on the Spiderdoor website. www.Spiderdoor.com 

Tenant App
Video #5

Create A New Account To Test The App Yourself
Your locations new app is going to be your best friend! It will cut down tremendously on the number of tenants that have always brought their monthly rent payment by, in person. They "Will" use this app and it will free up more time for you to handle other tasks.

Tenant App
Video #6

What To Do When A Customer Forgets their Password
Sure! On the main login screen, their is a button that says "forgot." Tenant clicks that button and plugs in the email they used originally and a email will be sent to them to reset the password. Note, if a tenant mis spells their email address when they setup the account, they will never successfully be able to retrieve a reset email because the customers original email address is wrong. The customer can simply create a new account using the correct email. Watch the video here to understand more.

Tenant App
Video #7

Shows How To Edit Unit Name

Shows How To Edit Starting From Price

Starting Price Is Wrong In App As Well As Unit Name
Make sure unit names and pricing appear properly in your app! If you see issues, click on the links provided here and it will show you how to correct those issues. You can see videos with Step by step instructions on how to change starting from price, how to edit the unit name as well as how to exclude certain units from being seen on your app as available.

Tenant App
Video #8

Can Tenant Make An Advance Payment
Yes, its very simple. Watch the video to understand.

Tenant App
Video #9

How To Delete A Managers Access
If for any reason you need to delete a managers access to the dashboard, this video will show you how that is done.

Tenant App
Video #10

What Exactly Does The Managers App Do?
It does plenty! For starters, you as the manager can open your gates from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wi-fi or a cell signal on your mobile phone. You can add master codes easily, you can check gate activity and on some of our keypad models, you can view pictures of tenants who accessed your gate. You can learn more by clicking the ACCESS CONTROL/DASHBOARD button at the top of this page. The Play Video here showcases the App. 

Tenant App
Video #11

Selected Wrong Location

Moved Out Too Early

What To Do If Tenant Selected Wrong Storage Location Or Clicked Move Out Too Early?
Let's say your company has multiple storage locations. Your customers will occasionally overlook the fact that they selected the wrong location meaning they chose your California location when they should have selected your Colorado location. The tenant will try to add unit but will not have success because they have selected the wrong location. No need for the tenant to re-create an account, the tenant should simply select the correct location and then login with their original User Name and Password. Once tenant is logged in, there is a profile button in the top right hand corner. They need to click that and add their Unit to their account by typing in storage Unit Number and their Gate Code.

If a tenant notifies a manager that they are moving out, this will completely remove that unit from the tenants app. This keeps the tenants app clean from vacated units if the tenant still has other units they still currently rent from you. The tenant can also add that unit back in if they desire. This video shows how to complete that.

Tenant App
Video #12

Delete From iPhone

Delete From Android

Tenant Says Their App Isn't Working
When a tenant has an issue, this is usually their statement to you! "I tried to use your app to make a payment but it wouldn't work!" So to save you time, this is usually caused by one of two things. (1) The tenant is late and decides to pay with your app. They successfully pay and then they call the manager complaining that they tried to pay a few days earlier, on time, but the app didn't allow them to pay.  Here's what you can do! A manager can look in the Spiderdoor Dashboard under failed payments. It will show you exactly why a transaction didn't go through. You can also look in the Sitelink Bulletin board and there are notes there as well. Again it will tell you exactly why the tenant was declined. 

(2) The tenant truly was unable to use the app and this is because they haven't updated the app recently. Your app is just like all other apps. We are continually upgrading your app and adding new features and keeping your app up to date with advancing technology. Simply tell the tenant to update their app from the app store. Some people never update the apps on their phones and that can cause the app to malfunction. (Some older model phones may require the tenant to delete the app completely from their phone and then download the new updated version of the app. (one video shows how to delete app from android phone. The other video shows how to delete app from iPhone.)

Tenant App
Video #13

Customer Says They Can't Open Gate With Your App!
(1) The customer must make sure they have allowed their GEO locations to be turned on. If they do not have that allowed as "ALWAYS ALLOW" on their cell phone, the gate open will not work properly.
(2) If a customer has WIFI turned on, their phone may catch a nearby WIFI signal and it will use that nearby signal as their current location. If this occurs, it will show the customers location being where ever the modem and router connection is positioned. Chances are the modem/router will be outside of the 80' to 100' radius, which will deny the customer access to using the App to open the gate. Keep in mind, the customer can always use the keypad manually to open the gate, only if your Sitelink settings allow them to access your location at that particular time.

Tenant App
Video #14

Show How An Existing Tenant Creates Their Account For The First Time!
This video shows the steps a current tenant will take to create their new account. This account will allow that tenant access to all of the features.

Tenant App
Video #15

A. Watch this video first

B. Watch this video second

INSURANCE INTEGRATION: Details on adding Insurance integration to my tenant app!
Be sure to watch the two videos! Keep in mind that we have hundreds of locations and every single location has their Sitelink E-sign lease setup differently. With that being said, you will need to add this paragraph below to your e-sign agreement. (Note-You will need to edit wording to fit your lease agreement but this is an overall of what it may look like. Using this flow during app rentals solves all issues and it simply tells the customer that they are signing up for the insurance you provide. The tenant has no option if you elect to turn this Insurance feature on inside your app. You can add the wording in your lease that would give that new tenant the option to come by your office and provide their Insurance declaration page, if they have renters insurance currently. Otherwise, if you have the insurance feature turned on in your app and if the tenant uses your app to rent, they must take your insurance. Again, Insurance is only required if you decide to activate this feature. You will need to let Spiderdoor know if you want the insurance feature ON or Off and if it is required or not.  NOTE- You will need to confirm this with your lawyers if you have questions. We are not attorneys nor do we claim to be.

Typical paragraph option  to add in Sitelink's e-sign form

"Occupant understand that if this rental is completed using this locations tenant app, Occupant agrees and fully understand that the (Tenant Insurance) which ever your location provides, will be added to this lease agreement, regardless of your insurance opt in selection in this agreement. Occupant does understand that he or she, can contact the management or go by the main office and provide Occupants insurance declaration page, showing proof that Occupant has insurance. Management can then remove the monthly insurance, starting the following month."

NOTE: This can be worded many different ways and it is difficult to say one paragraph fits all. This depends on the wording in your lease agreement. It also depends on what radio buttons you show, etc.

  • 1. We do not provide the capability for your tenant to provide their declaration page when renting from your app.
  • 2. If you chose to turn insurance on at your location, you will need to update your e-sign agreement inside sitelink.
  • ​3. We can change the wording at the top of the insurance screen to whatever wording you would like the renter to see. 
  • ​4. If you have parking slots that do not provide insurance coverage, you will need to adjust those settings inside sitelink. See Video A.

Tenant App
Video #16

Personalized App

Non - Personalized App

What Is The Difference Between The Personalized Tenant App VS. Non Personalized?
In short, there is no difference other than the "Non Personalized App" requires your tenants to enter your company's code after they download the "Self Storage App" from the app stores. The personalized App has your logo and branding in the app stores. In the photo below, the phone on the right is a personalized app. Once a tenant downloads the app, they will immediately see this screen with your logo. The Non Personalized App starts off with the screen on the left and once your company code is plugged in, it will look and function just like the Personalized App does. Feel free to click on the photo below and it will expand to a larger view. Also, you can click either the Personalized on Non Personalized App buttons below to view examples of each. When you click buttons, it will bring up a screen for you to type in your cellular number and the link to the apps will be sent to your phone. You can then easily download.

Tenant App
Video #17

When A Customer Uses Your App To Notify Management Of An Issue (Report An Issue), Where And How Is The Manager Notified?
If you look at the sitelink bulletin board, it will show where a customer used their App to notify you of their issue. The two manager emails that were provided to Spiderdoor for notifications will receive an email and text message to cell number provided to Spider, noting this issue. (Tenant will not see your managers cell number unless manager calls them back from their personal cell phone)

Tenant App
Video #18

How A Customer Pays Their Monthly Bill With The App?
This video shows exactly how a tenant would pay their monthly bill.

Tenant App
Video #19

Can My Tenant Make A Payment If They Are In Lien Process?
This video shows exactly how to setup a time frame in which a tenant cannot make a payment after, using Sitelink .

Tenant App
Video #20

Show Me How A New Rental Works!
Allow your customer to RENT a new unit with ease, using your App! From start to finish, the customer can complete the rental within 3 minutes or less. Gate code is given to customer and lease is emailed direct to new customer. You manager will also receive an email/text message notifying you of the new rental.

Tenant App
Video #21

Is The Tenants Credit Card Stored On Their Mobile Device?
The tenant app allows a user to easily login each month to make a payment on their account. The tenants credit card is encrypted on their mobile device only, and nowhere else. It IS NOT stored in the management software! Once encrypted, the full credit card number can never be accessed for any reason other than pushing it through to the merchant account each month. Watch this video to clearly understand. If the tenant never intends to use the app again and is persistent they want it gone, have the tenant simply delete the app. It will erase all data completely from the mobile device. However, if they ever choose to use the app to pay again, they will have to re-enter the credit card information. The tenant app doesn't NOT allow tenants to sign up for auto pay.

Tenant App
Video #22

How Do I Edit The Email Address And Telephone Number Where Managers Are notified Of Move Ins, Etc?
You must have OWNERS login credentials to edit this. The short video will show owners how to login and edit their managers email address and cell numbers for texting notifications.

Tenant App
Video #23

Starting Price Is Wrong In App As Well As Unit Name. Also Show How To Hide A Unit
Make sure unit names and pricing appear properly in your app! If you see issues, click on the links provided here and it will show you how to correct those issues. You can see videos with Step by step instructions on how to change starting from price, how to edit the unit name as well as how to exclude certain units from being seen on your app as available.

Tenant App
Video #24

How Does The Move Out Button Work
Allows the customer to notify you / manager of their move out. This function allows you to fill that unit with another customer quickly. 

Tenant App
Video #25

Sitelink Users: Shows How To Keep Customer From Paying After So Many Days Delinquent
This video shows you how to keep customers from paying using the App or Text Collector after so many days delinquent. 

Tenant App
Video #26

Shows How A Tenant Makes A Payment With The App
This video shows you how a tenant pays their bill monthly using the app!

Tenant App
Video #27

Shows Existing Tenant How To Create An Account For The First Time
Once the tenant creates their new account, they will be able to easily pay their monthly bill, rent units, open gates and more.

Tenant App
Video #28

Shows Tenant How To Manually Add Their Storage Unit To Their App
This video will show the customer how to add a unit to their app if it disappears. The tenants unit can sometimes disappear when the tenant is transferred from one unit to another.

Tenant App
Video #29

How Do I Edit Where My Invoice Is Sent
This video will show you how to edit the email address where your invoice is sent monthly. YOur invoice is always emailed to you on the 1st day of the month and is charged on the 5th.

Tenant App
Video #30

How To View Payment & Rental Stats From Tenant App Use
This video will show you how to view stats from the use of your tenant app.

Tenant App
Video #31

How A Tenant Can Pay For Multiple Units Using The Tenant App
This video will show how a tenant can pay for multiple units, using the tenant app.

Tenant App
Video #32

This Video Shows How The Report An Issue Button Works
This video will show how a tenant can notify management of any issues at your storage location.