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This video will give you a more in depth look at the tenant app.

We Have Two App Options

– Spiderdoor provides two options when it comes to the tenant app.

First we have an aggregator (Non Personalized) app meaning your customer will go to the app store and search Self Storage App. Once App is downloaded, the tenant will then plug in your location code (example 132). They will then see your branding and logo.

The second option is a true Personalized app that shows your branding and logo in the actual app stores. Your customer would simply go to the app store and they would search your company name. Once found, the tenant would download your app for their use.


Tenant Enabling Auto Billing

– It is very simple for your tenants to choose to go on auto billing when using the tenant app. Watch this short video to understand more.

Enter Location Code

– Tenant types in the location code provided to you by Spiderdoor, allowing the tenant to access your locations data.

Select Storage Location

– Once app is loaded and your company branding is showing here, tenant simply clicks select location to get to their desired store.

Move Out

-Tenants can easily notify you that they are moving out. This will show up as an email to your inbox. Some management software shows this information in tenant notes/bulletin boards.

Rent With App

-Contactless rentals can be successfully done all from our App!


– Making a payment on your account has never been easier.

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