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Update/Add Your ACH Payment Or Credit Card Payment
This video will show owners how to add a credit card or ACH information, for the first time. This also shows how to update both as well. 

A 3% fee will be charged if you use a credit card for the monthly recurring fee. If you setup ACH, there will be no additional charge.

If you would like to provide your ACH information to us manually, click the button above and fill out the excel spreadsheet. Once completed forward to us at Support@Spiderdoor.com. Once we plug in information, we will call you for two micro deposits.

How To Add ACH Account

How To Add Credit Card

Watch This Video Below To See How To Edit Who The Invoice Is Emailed To 

Is there a delinquent banner on your login screen or managers app?

Update Payment Method

If your dashboard shows a red delinquent banner, then you will have 7 business days to update before your system is frozen.

  • 1. Log in to youer spiderdoor dashboard and go to Update Payment tab on the left
  • ​2. Once you have updated your payment, click here or email us at Support@Spiderdoor.com and a team member will re-activate your account.

ATTENTION:  If your account has been frozen, all services will be de-activated until payment is updated. Again, you will first need to login to your spider dashboard and update your payment method. Once done, you will need click here to submit a request to re-instate your account. Support can then re-activate your account. Be sure to provide the following information to Spiderdoor when requesting re-instatement. IF the following is not submitted to Spiderdoor, your account will not be re-instated until this form is fully completed and submitted.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address:  Allows Spider techs to reach you if needed
  • Your contact number:  Allows Spider techs to reach you if needed
  • ​Todays date
  • Company name
  • Location name: Provide the name of the location if you have many locations under one company umbrella.
  • ​​Click here to request to re-activate your access to Spiderdoor logins


Complete all fields below to re-activate your account