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Play video below to see how to add or update your payment method

Update/Add Your ACH Payment Or Credit Card Payment
This video will show owners how to add a credit card or ACH information, for the first time. This also shows how to update both as well. 

Is there a delinquent banner on your login screen or managers app?

Update Payment Method

If your dashboard shows a red delinquent banner, then you will have 7 business days to update before your system is frozen.

  • 1. Log in to youer spiderdoor dashboard and go to Update Payment tab on the lefyt
  • ​2. Once you have updated your payment, click here or email us at Support@Spiderdoor.com and a team member will re-activate your account.

ATTENTION:  If your account has been frozen, all services will be de-activated until payment is updated. Again, you will first need to login to your spider dashboard and update your payment method. Once done, you will need click here to submit a request to re-instate your account. Support can then re-activate your account. Be sure to provide the following information to Spiderdoor when requesting re-instatement. IF the following is not submitted to Spiderdoor, your account will not be re-instated until this form is fully completed and submitted.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address:  Allows Spider techs to reach you if needed
  • Your contact number:  Allows Spider techs to reach you if needed
  • ​Todays date
  • Company name
  • Location name: Provide the name of the location if you have many locations under one company umbrella.
  • ​​Click here to request to re-activate your access to Spiderdoor logins


Complete all fields below to re-activate your account