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“Text Collector”

Start collecting delinquent rent monthly via text messaging. You will be shocked how your delinquency numbers will drop drastically. This process is truly AMAZING!

Advertisement Videos

Advertisement Videos

“Kiosk In Your Pocket”

That’s what SpiderDoor provides! It can do everything needed to run your Self Storage Business and it sits right in the pocket of every consumer in the world. Don’t miss out!

Explanation Videos

Explanation Videos

“Current Renters Creating New Account”

Your current customer will need to create a new account the first time they use your app. It consists of them typing in their email and creating a password that only they know. You, Your managers or the management software you use will not store this password. This is for security purposes.

“Current Renter Resetting Password”

Your customers can reset their password with ease by following the steps in this video.

“Current Customer Adding Multiple Units To His or Her App Account”

This video explains how an existing customer can add multiple units to their new personalized App!

“New Customer Renting A Unit”

This video will help explain how a new customer rents a unit.

“Open Gate Feature”

This quick video shows exactly how the Open Gate feature works. It also shows the additional managers app that will allow them to open your gate from anywhere! (ver.981)

“Integrating Insurance Sales”

Your customers will have the ability to select their own insurance coverage for their contents. The customer will be required to sign the insurance document during the rental process. (ver.218)

Overview for Managers

Overview for Managers

“Managers Overview of the Entire App”

This video will help your managers familiarize themselves with all the benefits of your new App! Every manager should watch.

Sitelink Videos

Sitelink Videos

“Sitelink – Remove Unit Category Line Item From App”

This video will guide you through the process of setting up what units your app will show when a user is looking for a unit to rent. You can allow certain units to either be shown or not. This will show you step by step on how to do that. (ver.615)

“Sitelink – How to Create API Credentials for SpiderDoor Which Links App to Your Sites Data”

This video shows the self-storage owner how to create credentials so SpiderDoor can connect with that customer’s data at Sitelink. Once this is done, you will need to provide the user name and password to us and will connect your data. (ver.523)

“Sitelink – Create A Mass Email/Text to Advertise Your App”

This video will show you how to create and send a mass email as well as a mass text message, to all your customers. It will help to notify them about your new App. (ver.25117)

“Sitelink – Editing The Starting From Price In Your App”

If your App pricing shows some wrong Starting From prices, this video will show you just exactly how to correct that. (ver.159)

“Insurance Integration with Sitelink”

This video shows how your insurance process needs to be setup inside Sitelink. This will allow your location to rent a new unit to a customer using the App as well as sell insurance to the customer during that process as well. (ver.25)

Quikstor Videos

Quikstor Videos

Quikstor – Renting A Unit with Quikstor Software

Describes how the SpiderDoor Self Storage app works hand in hand with Quikstors Self Storage Software. (ver.321999)

Gate Showcase

Gate Showcase

“Open Gate Feature Using SpiderDoor”

Your customers can now open the gate at your Self Storage Location with an App, personalized for your business. It will only allow current customers to open. If the customer is delinquent, access is denied. This works with ALL keypads and gate openers. (ver.84378)

Marketing Your App

Marketing Your App

“Advertise Your App On Your Website”

See an overview of how you can successfully advertise your App from Your company’s website. This will allow your product to get in the hands of potential clients viewing your website. (ver.371)

“Text Blast Your App To Your Existing Customer Base”

This video will show you how to successfully Text Blast your entire customer base giving them easy access to download your App. This process requires nothing accept you giving SpiderDoor permission to do it. (ver.715)